Etude House Tint Mint nail polish with the Peripera YE905

In my 9th Gmarket order post, you must have seen that I bought all of the Peripera Christmas 2012 nail polishes. The Peripera nail polish BK504, which is a dupe of the Deborah Lippmann Cleopatra in New York, was used by me for my New Year's Eve nails already. Today, I will show you another nail polish from the Peripera Christmas 2012 collection, the Peripera nail polish YE905. I could not find any decent pictures of my favorite turquoise nail polish of the moment, the Etude House nail polish DGR701 - Tint Mint, so I thought I should match it with this Peripera glitter nail polish. The Etude House DGR701 Tint Mint is part of the Etude House Dear my deep colored nails collection, which I have written about over here.

Etude House nail polish DGR701 Tint MintEtude House nail polish DGR701 - Tint Mint turquoise

And now with the Peripera YE905 glitter nail polish on top...

The Peripera nail polish YE905 is a muted gold glitter nail polish with some sporadic, white square and bar glitter. I really like this muted gold color. It is not the loud kind of yellow, golden glitter, but still very sparkly. It looks kind of similar to the muted gold of the bracelet I got in the goodiebag from the Grazia event that I recently attended.

Peripera nail polish YE905

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