Gmarket order #9

This post is very much delayed, but I have been very busy with working on my other blogs and with making this blog prettier. Have you seen the new favicon (small illustration shown on the tab of your browser) that I have drawn myself? ^_^

Don't want to keep you waiting, so here is my post about my 9th Gmarket order.

I placed my order at Gmarket on 11 December and the parcel was shipped out on 15 December. It arrived at my doorstep on 21 December, right before Christmas. :) I was out doing some Christmas shopping, when it was delivered, and when I came back, I could not wait to open the box. It was getting quite dark, so I was not able to take a clear picture of the box. So, no picture of an opened box this time. :(

Etude House purchases

As you may have read in this post, I was very enthusiastic about the new Etude House Princess Etoinette line. I was not the only one, because when I wanted to order the pink blusher and the white loose powder, it was totally out of stock at the Etude House store at Gmarket. So, I had to take the second best and that were the Etoinette lip sticks. Go and see which three lipsticks I have bought in this post: Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips lipsticks review.

I also bought the Etude House lace nail stickers in both black and white, previously mentioned here. I have already used the white lace nail stickers twice; on top of the Modi Glam Nails no. 3 - Milky Coral and on top of the Etude House DBE101 - Lazy Beige. After being very happy with the Etude House If story nail kit 1 and 2 (swatches shown here), I naturally had to get the If story nail kit 3 and 4 as well. These are nail polish sets with two normal, full sized Etude House nail polishes, specially created for Christmas. As freebies, I received two samples of the Etude House Sun-prise Natural Corrector SPF42/PA++ and a very cute Missing U - I can fly pink owl mobile phone holder.

Etude House purchases at Gmarket
Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips lipsticks
The Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips lipsticks have very pretty carton boxes with shiny silver details.
Etude House sweet sweet lace nail stickers
The Etude House lace nail stickers.
Etude House If Story Nail Kit 3 and 4
If Story Nail Kit 3 and 4

 Peripera purchases

From Peripera, I bought all four of the special edition Christmas nail polishes, the peel-off coat, and 3 other colors: mango orange, lilac, and dark purple.

Peripera nail polishes

 It's skin purchases

I saw that It's skin has created new macaron products, two solid perfumes with the scent Hawaiian Peach and Icetea Blue. I totally love fruity scents and ice tea is my favorite drink during the summer, so I had to get them. To complete my It's skin macaron collection, I had to buy the rest of the lip balm macarons that I did not get yet. You can read my review on these lip balms over here. As freebies, I got three samples of the It's skin Celltox Filler Ex.

Update: I reviewed the macaron solid perfumes over here.

It's skin purchases at Gmarket

Modi nail polishes

I also bought two boxes of nail polishes. The seller gave me a sample of the Mamonde Refreshing cucumber pack, two samples of the Mamonde water-holding cream, and two samples of the Iope Moistgen Essential cream. I just love getting samples. :)

modi nail polishes bought at Gmarket

Modi nail polishes shipped in carton boxes with dividers
The nail polishes were securely packed in carton boxes with carton dividers.
11 different Modi nail polishes
the 11 nail polishes taken out of the two boxes.
Swatches of the silvery purple nail polish in the bottom right corner can be found here. Pictures of the black and white glitter nail polish can be found here. If you want to know how the orange nail polish on the bottom row looks like with white lace nail stickers, you can read my post over here.

Modi Christmas 2012 nail polishes

I saw that Modi had released some very pretty Christmas nail polishes and because the previous seller did not have it in stock, I bought it from another seller. In the end, I bought these four nail polishes below. I especially like the middle two, in the picture underneath. You will see swatches of these very soon. :)

Modi Christmas 2012 nail polishesUpdate: you can find the swatches of the two glitter polishes in the middle over here. Pictures of the mint green glitter nail polish on the left can be found here

Tony Moly pore pack

The Tony Moly store does not ship internationally anymore. I am still saddened by this. But I found another seller on Gmarket that has Tony Moly products and ships internationally. I was finally able to get the Tony Moly Latte Art Milk Cacao Pore Pack, which is a pore tightening cacao pack with moisturizing milk cream. It is just as cute as the Tony Moly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-in scrub that I bought in my 3rd Gmarket order, but a little smaller in size. It smells like a delicious chocolate mousse dessert. The white spatula on top can be taken out to scoop the cream out. The cream is made up of layers of brown and white cream, but during shipping it already got mixed. It does not matter much, since it saves me the time of mixing it myself. :)

Tony Moly Latte Art Milk Cacao Pore Pack
Tony Moly Latte Art Milk Cacao Pore Pack

Holika Holika 1,000 won deal

During November, there were many deals at Gmarket. You could get amazing products for the low price of 1,000 won, which were for a limited time only and with a limited amount of stock. I was too late for many of them, but luckily the deal for the Holika Holika Egg Soaps were still valid in December. It was really a steal to get these cute Green Tea Egg Soaps for just 1,000 won. My skin really likes green tea skin products, so this must work well for me too.

Holika Holika Green tea egg soap
The realistic egg carton, which contains the egg shaped soaps.
Holika Holika green tea egg soaps
The green tea egg soaps

Korean planner

Cookyshop mini mate diary 2013Lastly, I bought a new planner. I really like the previous two versions of the Cookyshop diaries, so I also got the newly released 2013 version. There was a special deal going on, so I was able to get a lot of freebies. Every buyer normally gets a small notebook (the one with the words "I like sweet potatoes" on it)  and the small sticker sheet on the left of it. But when you buy a Cookyshop diary, you also get the Cookyshop pink elastic band, pen case, pen, and notebook.

The small "I like sweet potatoes" notebook reminds me  a bit of Seohyun and WGM. :). But I personally like normal potatoes more. The seller should have given me the notebook with "I like potatoes" instead. :P I actually saw someone else get that version.

The Mini Mate Diary sticker sheet set was taken out from the carton box with the diary. The Cookyshop diary has a hard cover now, but I actually liked the soft cover of the previous versions more. I could easier go through the pages before. It comes in three colors this time (pink, mint green, and brown), I got the pink striped one. It is really cute!

Cookyshop mini mate diary 2013 freebies

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