Nail polish display wheels

Nail polish display wheels are a good way of having all your nail polishes organized in one place. I sometimes keep buying the same colors of nail polish, because I don't realize I already have a similar one. By looking at the wheels, you can easily see which colors you already have or don't have, without having to go through the bins and racks of nail polishes. I already had 10 nail polish display wheels, but since I cannot resist buying more nail polishes (Evidence: see my 9th Gmarket order ^_^), I have been filling them up very fast. so I ordered 10 more. The product was well packed and arrived within a week. This is pretty fast, considering it came all the way from Hong Kong. I also saw that they now also have false nails on the ends of plastic icicle sticks, stuck together like a Chinese hand fan. You no longer have to save wooden icicle sticks and stick false nails onto them yourself. No more excuse to eat that many popsicles anymore. :)

nail polish display wheels
The new nail poilish display wheels that I just got, ten wheels in one package.
Showcasing my pretty nail polishes with nail polish display wheels
Directly used them for the new nail polishes that I got from my 9th Gmarket order.

Comparison of the old nail polish display wheels with the new ones

The one on the left is the one that I got before and the one on the right is one of the new ones that I just got. The oval one has 20 false nails and the round one only has 18 false nails. The shape of the false nails is also a bit different: the left one has nails with a sharper tip (the nail is more narrow at the end) and the right one has nails with a rounder tip. What is also different is that the right one's plastic is flexible, while the left one is made of sturdy plastic that cannot be bent, without breaking it of course. :) 
The right one stores away easier too, since it is stack-able. Due to it's nice fit, you can also test out different color combo's with the glitter top nail polishes, just by placing the nails over each other.  The left one is bulkier, the false nails don't fit snugly on top of each other, and takes up more space. Lastly, the right one fits on my real nails better than the left one. I can actually see how the nail polish looks like on the nails by just placing the false nail on top of my real nail. The left one looks a bit strange, because then the outer tip of the nail is wider than the base of the nail.

In short, I like the new nail polish display wheels (aka the right one) more than the older ones. It is also a lot cheaper, because the older ones should have cost me around 3-4 euros.

I just realized that I should have named these, nail polish display wheel A and B. But I am too lazy to change it, so I just let them be the left and the right one. :P

comparison of two nail polish display wheels sold on eBay.
The two nail polish display wheels next to each other.
nail polish display wheels
Swatches of all the nail polishes that I own. Just looking at these makes me happy. :)
Sneak peak of the Etude House If story nail kit number 4.

Swatch of the Etude House PBL601.

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