Laneige Love Recipe

Not only Etude House has taken up the dessert trend in makeup with the Sweet recipe collection, I just saw that Laneige has introduced two cute dessert inspired products as well. The eye and cheek duo's in beautiful transparent cubes have the names, Raspberry truffle and Blueberry ganache. The bright yellow eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyes looks very fashionable. I don't think that I can pull that look off though. :)

There are not just two dual makeup pots in the Laneige Love Recipe line. In total, there are four "recipes": 1) Strawberry Chocolate, 2) Blueberry Ganache, 3) Orange Chocolate, and 4) Raspberry Truffle. They are lipstick and cheek duo's instead of the eye and cheek duo's that I thought they were. However, Laneige made these so that you can experiment with the colors, so putting them on the eye is one of the possibilities too. I still think that the Blueberry Ganache is the most interesting color combination. It is very daring and fashion forward. :)

After looking at the pictures of the Strawberry Chocolate and the Orange Chocolate, I have changed my mind. I like these two colors more now. Women are just so fickle. :)

The transparent casing of the Love Recipe dual makeup pots are the same as the Laneige Lip Dual pots, which were released earlier. They did add a pretty "Love" illustration on top of the transparent cube, whereas the Lip dual pots only have a plain Laneige logo in a very small, white print.

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