Review: Modi Glam Nails no. 3 + lace and pink glitters

In my latest Gmarket order, you must have seen that I bought a lot of the Korean Modi nail polishes. I have shown you the two Modi glitter nail polishes that I anticipated the most over here. Today, I will show you another one, still a whole lot more waiting for me to swatch though. ^_^

To stay in the Valentine's day theme, I choose the Modi Glam Nails no. 3, which has a milky coral color. What is it with me and corals lately? I have suddenly written many posts about coral makeup products. Just look at my Pinterest boards. :) The Pa Nail color A92 (a coral/pink nail polish) is on my soon to be swatched list too.

But back to the nail polish.. It is a really good nail polish that becomes opaque with just one coat. It also has a nice glossy finish. I did not need to use any top coat for the pictures. To me, the color is like an old pink with a hint of orange. It is close to a darker beige color.   

Modi Glam Nails nail polish no. 3Modi Glam Nails nail polish no. 3 - Milky Coral
Modi Glam Nails no. 3 - Milky Coral

Because I want to add some romantic elements and a bit of sparkle to the nails, I decorated the nails with some nail stickers and I used a glitter nail polish, the Etude House LuciDarling Fantastic nails - 05 darling pink sequins. Isn't the sparkly pink, heart-shaped nail polish bottle like a gem? The nail stickers are also from Etude House, the white version of the Sweet Lace Nail Seals. The extra sparkle on the ring finger is a subtle clue to the guys out there: "Cause if you like it, then you should put a ring on it." :P

Etude House LuciDarling Fantastic nails - 05 darling pink sequins on accent nail

Etude House Sweet Lace Nail Seals - white

I have worn the nail stickers for five days straight already and there are no signs of peeling off. It is as good as new. The top coat must have helped a bit, but still, the lasting power of the nail stickers is quite good.

lasting power of the Etude House lace nail stickers

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