Mona - Dessert of the month, February 2013

Mona is one of the most famous (milk) dessert brand in the Netherlands. I still remember that back in the days I drank the small Melkunie milk and chocolate milk cartons in kindergarten. This year is already their 40th anniversary. To celebrate, they introduce a new flavor of pudding each month, called Dessert of the month (in Dutch: Toetje van de maand), which is only available for that month. For February 2013, they made a pink raspberry pudding with pieces of white chocolate. As you could see from the heart shaped bowl with raspberries on the packaging, it is also meant for Valentine's day. It would be so romantic to share this pudding with a special someone. Each grabbing a spoon and eating from the same pudding container. <3 I actually made these pictures for the Valentine's day posts, but I did not find the time to post this.
The pudding was very fruity and fluffy. It really melted on my tongue. The chocolate pieces were crunchy and just the right size. You could taste the chocolate very well and it did not cover the fresh raspberry taste. It is really delicious. I better hurry to the grocery store to get another one, before they are not sold anymore. It is almost the end of this month. ^_^ 

mona toetje van de maand Framboos met heerlijke stukjes witte chocolade

The fluffy pudding

Those are pieces of white chocolate, not broken pieces from my teeth. :P
ingredienten van Mona pudding
Ingredients of this pudding. Almost 600 calories if I ate the whole thing, but well worth it. :)

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