Etude House Pink Prism mini nail polish collection and others

After the 6 cute nail polishes from the Etude House Look at my nails range, there are now some more pink and love themed nail polishes being introduced. You might think that Valentine's day is already over, but in Korea couples also celebrate White Day on March the 14th. Although there is nothing to celebrate here in the Netherlands, at least, I get to look at the cute Etude House products, specially made for White Day. ^_^

Etude House Pink Prism nail polishes

Pink Prism is Etude House's second Nail Mini Collection of this year. It consists of 6 nail polishes (three pink and three glitter nail polishes) and two nail sticker sheets. The glitter nail polishes have an adorable white cap with pink heart print and the pink nail polishes have pink caps with white heart prints. I am not so much interested in the pink nail polishes, but the glitter nail polishes look amazing.

I really want to get the multicolor glitter nail polish (nail polish number 1). Between the nail polish number 3 and 5, I like the number 5 more. The number 3 seems to have similar looking pink glitters, which will look like one color on the nails. The variety in colors of the number 5 is a lot more appealing.

I cannot really tell from the pictures, but I am guessing that the darker red hearts are metallic, which would add a nice touch to the nail polish. The heart glitters also seems to be the same as in the Snow of Love nail polish from the Etude House If story nail kit 3 and they were amazing. Although it seems like they are not really sticking flat onto the nails, they don't fall off easily at all or get caught on things.

I found the names of the Pink prism nail polishes (translations from Etude House Global):
1) Sweet Bon Bon
2) Baby Love Me
3) Every Pink
4) Candy Bubble
5) Heart to Heart
6) Love Love Love

 Etude House Pink Prism Nail Stickers

The Pink Prism Nail Stickers are especially made to match with the three Pink Prism nail colors, but of course, you can also use them over other nail colors. Although some of the nail stickers look a bit too childish for my age, the lace stickers look similar to the Etude House Sweet Lace Nail Seals that I bought in my 9th Gmarket order and I really like the nail sticker with the black ribbons that are lined up.

Etude House Art Gel Coat and peel off base coat

To help seal the glitter nail art that you created, Etude House has made a new Help my Finger product, the Art Gel Coat. I am really curious how pretty the gel coat will look like on the nails. And although a bit late, Etude House now also has its own peel off base coat. I wonder if it took that long, because they wanted to get the best results. It really creates expectations and I wonder if they are able to fulfill it.

Lastly, something not nail related.

 Etude House eye shadow duos

I just saw that Etude House has four new eye shadow duo's out in beautiful Spring colors. The left color is matte and the smaller square on the right holds a glitter eye shadow, which you can put on the middle of the eyelid to add a bit of shine there.

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