Innisfree Spring 2013 nail polishes

I have to admit that the main reason why I bought all of the It's skin Macaron lip balms and the It's skin Macaron solid perfumes, was just because of the cute pastel and macaron packaging. This is also going to be why I have to buy these new Innisfree eco nail colors. The Innisfree eco nail color nail polishes number 116 to 120 are inspired by colorful and fruity macarons: 116 - Strawberry macaron, 117 - Blueberry macaron, 118 - Pistachio macaron, 119 - Lemon macaron, and 120 - Peach macaron. I really like the blueberry, pistachio, and lemon nail colors. It is great for Spring time. I wonder how good these nail polishes are, as I have only tried the Innisfree glitter nail polishes and none of the regular nail polishes.

Innisfree suggests using a white nail polish to draw stripes and dots on top of these colors. It looks like a great idea, as I can imagine that it would create a cute candy effect. 

Of course, Innisfree has also something nice prepared for the glitter nail polish fans like me. The Innisfree nail polishes number 121 to 124 are glitter nail polishes with a milky pastel base color. They are similar to the Etude House Sweet recipe Ice cream nails, except they have slightly different colors and they do not have bottles that look like cute ice cream cones. Although they don't have a cute packaging and are just in the standard Innisfree nail polish bottles, the colors appeal to me more. I am not sure how pretty the actual colors are, because the promotional pictures of Innisfree, especially for nail polishes, tend to be pretty far off. If I based my decision on these Innisfree nail polishes pictures that the company made themselves, I am not sure if I would have bought any at all. It is great that there is such a thing as nail swatches from bloggers. (proud to be part of this community) ^_^

The Innisfree nail polishes number 125 to 130 are glitter nail polishes with a clear base. The last one, the number 130 is slightly special, because it has an interesting deep red base color (but still transparent). At first glance, I like the number 126 and 130 the most. The number 126 nail polish looks very Easter to me; the green is for the grass and the white/silver, yellow and purple stand for the daffodils, pansies, and hyacinths, that grow in abundance here in the Netherlands. The Innisfree nail polish number 130 also looks very interesting as the purple shards clashes a bit with the red base color.

Lastly, Innisfree has created 5 colors of nail polishes that has the same effect as gel nails. As far as I can tell, you only need to use the Innisfree gel base coat and gel top coat that is especially created for these nail polishes. These Innisfree nail polishes are also made to be a perfect match with 5 of the newly released Innisfree Creamy tints, which are tint lipsticks. Underneath, you can see the Innisfree Creamy tints no. 1, 2, 4,6 and 7 together with the matching nail polish colors (no. 1 - no. 5). 

Innisfree Creamy tints lipsticks

There are not just 5 colors of Innisfree Creamy tints lipsticks. I think they have just taken the most popular shades to make a matching nail polish for. In the picture underneath, you can see that at the time, the Innisfree Creamy tints lipsticks have 10 colors. But in early 2014, there are 22 different shades already. 

There is also a matching watery lip tint in the same colors, the Innisfree tint rouge. As I don't really like lipsticks and I have very dry lips, these seem more suitable for me.

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