Modi nail polish 75 - Broken promise review

As promised in this "Modi nail polish 76 - First Avenue" post, I will now show you the Modi nail polish 75 - Broken promise. Although sometimes I can be a bit forgetful, I did not break my promise this time. ^_^

 Modi nail polish 75 - Broken promiseThe Modi nail polish 75 is a light blue nail polish with navy and light yellow metallic glitters. The navy blue glitters does not appear to have a metallic sheen, it rather seems matte on the nails as well as in the bottle. You really need to get light to hit it the right way for you to see it shine. The light yellow glitters on the other hand, is very striking. It is the eye catcher of this nail polish. At first, I though that it is the same glitter as in the Modi 76 - First Avenue, but it is a bit smaller and also not so yellow. The size of these glitters really makes it seem like the sprinkles that you get on ice cream.

Just like with the Modi Glam Nails 79 - Bustier, I felt like I have seen this nail polish before. I looked around on the internet and found that it resembles the Nails Inc Pudding Lane nail polish from the Sprinkles collection. I don't own this nail polish, but it really seems to be an exact dupe.   

 Modi nail polish 75 - Broken promiseModi Glam Nails 75 - Broken promise

 Modi nail polish 75 - Broken promise

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