Modi nail polish 77 - Pinky Green review

Modi nail polish 77 - Pinky GreenAfter the Modi nail polish 79 - Bustier, which is a murky grey nail polish with emerald green glitters, I have another unusual nail polish to show you, the Modi nail polish 77 - Pinky Green. Again, this is one of the glitter nail polishes from the new 2013 Modi nail polish collection. I don't know whether it got lost in translation, but the name is not that good. I would have named it Poison ivy instead. The base color is leafy green and the fuchsia glitters really stand out just like her flaming red hear contrasting with the green suit. The longer I look at the nails, the more it makes me think of poisonous plants. It really has the "Stay away from me, I am dangerous" vibe. ^_^ I don't know why, but no matter what I do, the green look very toxic green in the pictures. In reality, it is more of a normal dark green. But the thing is, I like the toxic green color more. :)

At first, I thought that just like the Modi nail polish 79, about one coat of nail polish was enough. It really looked okay in real life. But when I was checking the pictures, while I was taking them, I saw that the nails were a bit see-though. So, I last-minute added another coat of nail polish on top. You can see how that looks like in the last two pictures. The green gets darker and you see less of the nails underneath. The fuchsia glitters are also much more glittery in real life, but it was hard to capture that in the pictures. You can see how they more or less look like from the glitters in the nail polish bottle.

Modi nail polish 77 - Pinky GreenModi nail polish 77 - Pinky Green

Modi Glam Nails nail polish 77 - Pinky Green

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