Review: Etude House nail polish DGR704 - Only Olive

This Etude House nail polish is one of the new additions to the Dear My Deep Color nail polishes, and a nail polish color that I normally wouldn't get. I was already buying many of the other colors in that new collection, so I thought I might as well buy the couple other ones that were left. It is a very fashionable dark olive color that moms love and that men do not understand. ^_^ Similar to the Etude House DBL603 - Never Navy, I have received a bad bottle, so I am not sure if this is the exact color. Unlike with the Never Navy nail polish, I actually quite like this new, morphed color. If you look closely, you can find a very natural, faint yellow swirls/marbling on my nails and that is quite interesting. An idea for a new nail polish color, anyone? ^_^

Etude House nail polish DGR704 - Only Olive
Etude House nail polish DGR704 - Only Olive

Etude House nail polish DGR704 - Only Olive on nailsEtude House nail polish DGR704 - Only Olive review

Etude House nail polish DGR704 - Only Olive swatches

This color of nail polish is hard to wear without looking like a military soldier, or even worse, like your mom. Well, of course there are also very fashionable moms out there :) . I would suggest wearing clothes in earth tones, such as beige, brown, khaki, and olive. You can very easily go overboard with this, so keep in mind to only cover a relatively small portion of your body in the stronger/darker colors. So, when you are wearing a long khaki cardigan, do not wear a pair of dark olive or brown pants with it. You want to avoid wearing camouflage colors on your whole body. Wear jeans or leggings in normal colors instead. If you think that khaki colored clothing is not really your style, you can also play with accessories in that color, such as clutches and jewellery with olive colored stones and gems. Simple black and white outfits would work too, for example a white, crisp shirt with shorts, neat pants or a skirt in black. Together with olive colored nails, it would look very fashionable and it makes the color pop out more. 

This is what I would wear with this nail polish: a light beige, knitted sweater, beige shorts (I actually wanted dark khaki shorts, but I couldn't find one online), a tan bag and an intertwined nude belt with studs. 

Pictures from Mango was used for this outfit picture.

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