DIY: customized nail polish rack

Over the Easter weekend, I have worked on making a customized nail polish rack. I am getting too many nail polishes and it is starting to become cluttered. I really needed a big rack to hold all the nail polish bottles in an organized manner. When I only had a few, I used to be able to just store them shabbily like in this post. Now, my nail polish collection has outgrown that already. I looked around on the Internet and found out that a simple rack can costs almost $100(!) and not to mention, the high shipping costs of such a large item. I am also not sure if the acrylic racks are going to be able to make it through the long shipping process in one piece.

After searching on blogs and forums for DIY projects, I saw that someone used the white, narrow picture frame/painting shelves from IKEA and placed multiple close under each other to store nail polishes. It was a great idea, but the IKEA is a bit too far from where I live and too much hassle to go all the way there just to buy a few wooden shelves. I noticed that the Xenos, a chain store selling household goods here in the Netherlands, was also selling similar shelves, so I went there to take a look. After finding out that the shelves were quite heavy already on their own, I wasn't sure if it will stay on the wall properly with also the heavy nail polishes on top.

Luckily, I found an alternative: this amazing, light-weight, wooden storage rack with small compartments, which are perfect for my smaller nail polishes. The longer compartments are suitable for the Peripera nail polishes that have long caps.

Xenos wooden rack

I know, I have cheated by buying a rack from a store and not making it myself, but it only costs 14.99 euro. I am not sure if it would be cheaper if I made it myself and it saves me a lot of time. You can also take this picture and kindly ask a good friend, your boyfriend/husband, your father, or anyone else who is good with their hands to make something similar for you. I saw some video's on YouTube and they make it seem very easy. You just need to buy pieces of wood in the right size and use a glue gun to stick the wooden dividers and the sides on the backboard.  

The nail polish rack seemed a bit boring by itself, so I took out a booklet with glossy, printed paper from the HEMA (Again a Dutch store). I have already bought it to make something else with it and it was laying around in my room collecting dust. It would probably take me forever to use up all these 64 sheets of A4 sized paper in 8 different prints, so I was glad to have found another purpose for these.

HEMA papierblok met printjes

I have measured the size of the compartments and cut the papers in the right sizes. Afterwards, I used a glue pen to stick the papers with colorful prints on the backboard. I know it is a bit weird (and I am not sure if it will stick for a long time), but that glue pen was the only thing I had in my room that I could use to glue things together, besides my little tubes of false eyelash glue. ^_^ Also, when I get bored with the print, it should be easier to take the paper off and replace it with a new print.

I bought the booklet at the HEMA store (also available, ships to many European countries) for 2.60 euro, but you could also use pretty wrapping paper or cute fabrics instead.  

DIY met HEMA papierblok met prints

 The pretty end result:

DIY customized nail polish rack

DIY customized nail polish rack

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