Etude House Dear my blooming lips - Pink Talk

The Etude House Dear my blooming lips range already had 24 lipstick colors for you to choose from. These lipsticks come in a cute pink tube, which is the same as the ones of the Dear my jelly lips lipsticks from the Etude House Sweet Recipe collection, except for the color and the ring. The pink metallic ring with the cute ribbon that these Dear my blooming lips lipsticks have, can be taken off to wear on your own finger. I might just be crazy enough to buy one of these lipsticks, only to get the ring. ^_^

This week, five new colors were added under the name "Pink Talk". Just as the name suggests, these lipsticks are five different tones of pink. The colors are quite different from each other, so you probably wouldn't get the same problem that I had with the Etude House Crystal Shine Lips lipsticks, even when you decide to get all five. Among these, I like the PK013 the most. It is a very pretty grapefruit pink. The PK015 color is something that I would like to wear, when I am in a more daring mood.

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