HEMA nail polishes Spring/Summer 2013

It hasn't been long since I started to appreciate the very affordable and pretty HEMA nail polishes, but I have become a fan. You might have seen one in my recent DIY: Chanel Taboo dupe post. More of my swatches of HEMA nail polishes can be found on the "My precious nail polishes" page and through the "Brands" drop down box at the side bar. Some are quite beautiful, so be sure to take a look.

HEMA used to only make boring and safe colors of nail polishes, but you can really see that they have made an effort in modernizing with regards to nail polishes and makeup. They have just released 18 new nail polishes, 6 in each range.

HEMA Special effect nail polishes - Chameleon (3.75 euro)

I would have never expected to be able to get a duo chrome nail polish at a HEMA store and especially not for that low price. It is a bit higher than their normal standard price of 2.50 euro for the regular HEMA nail polishes, but I think it is quite cheap for a duo chrome nail polish and the size of the nail polish. I am already thinking if I could make a better Chanel Taboo nail polish dupe with the purple duo chrome nail polish. ^_^ The copper and gold duo chrome nail polishes also seem really pretty. The beige one on the far left has a subtle pink shine in it, which should look nice too.

HEMA Special effect nail polishes - Holographic (3.75 euro)

Holographic nail polishes are known to be hard to capture in pictures, so these nail polishes must be a lot sparklier than this in real life. I like that they have used darker and warmer toned colors, because combined with a lot of holographic glitters, bright colors can easily become too much. I especially like the pink and purple holographic nail polishes.  

HEMA Special effect nail polishes - Glitter (3.00 euro)

I really like glitter nail polishes, so I am happy to find more glitter nail polishes for me to choose from. I am especially curious about the purple and the fuchsia red nail polishes. The pink glitter nail polish on the far right looks interesting too. 

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