Etude House Color pop lipsticks

I don't know how, but Etude House must have mind-reading abilities. How did they know that I was into orange shades at the moment? ^_^ There is now a count-down at their website with a sneak peak of orange lips. 

After not being able to tempt me into buying the very cute Etude House Dear my blooming lips - Pink talk lipsticks, they just had to create three pretty shades of orange lipsticks. These lipsticks have an adorable, matching orange bow. I really want to get the coral pink lipstick. >_<  

I don't know the exact name of these lipsticks yet, so I wrote Color pop lipsticks in the title for now. These lipsticks will be launched on 15 May and more will be known by then.  

When I though that I had enough money saved to buy yet another lipstick, Etude House just released a picture of the whole Color pop lipstick collection, which has a lot more lipsticks than I initially thought. Unlike the Dear my Jelly lips lipsticks, these lipsticks promises to have the same bright color on the lips as the lipstick bullet. That's why they are called Color pop lipsticks. ^_^

The coverage of these Color pop lipsticks should be quite good. I really wonder if the lighter colors would look good on my pigmented lips, because I really like the two pink shades. They are warm pinks, my top picks for lip colors. I also cannot decide which coral lipstick I should get, the one leaning to orange more or the one leaning to pink. If I had the money, I would have just bought the first 6 lipsticks from the left. The colors are really pretty. These lighter shades would look amazing for in the Summer.

Update 3:
Although I was already starting to save up for the lipsticks, I just found out that there are also nail polishes and eyeliners in the Etude House Color pop collection. The bright colors really give me a Summer feeling. I already ordered some new eyeliners, but I really want to get these Color pop eyeliners from Etude House too. The nail polishes come in a funky nail polish bottle with a dotted cap. For now, I only see blue and green nail polish colors pictured in the ad, but I am hoping for more colors. ^_^

Etude House Color pop eyeliners and nail polishes

Update 4: (I don't know how many more updates I need to make until it is 15 May, the day of the launch and when everything will be revealed. ^_^)

At first, I thought it was just going to be a mini Summer collection, but it is getting bigger and bigger. I have just found a picture of what seems to be the Color pop lip tints. It is a first for Etude House, that there are that many lip tint colors to choose from. Although only 5 colors are shown, it is not that strange to think that there might actually be 10 colors, the same ones as the lipsticks. This is similar to the Innisfree creamy tint lipsticks that also have a lip tint in matching color.

Etude House Color pop shine tints

Update 5: 
Etude House has just released swatches of the Color pop lipsticks and the Color pop shine tints. Sadly, there are only 5 kinds of Color pop shine tints, instead of the ten that I expected there to be. The swatches also made it more clear for me that the lipstick colors are pretty similar, so there is no reason to buy that many. (a sign of relief from my wallet ^_^). The lipsticks as well as the shiny tints will be sold for 8,500 won each.  

Lastly, they have also shown the paper packaging that the Color pop lipsticks will be in. Yet again, they are too cute to throw away. ^_^ The cap of the Color pop lipsticks however, is sleeker than I thought, because the ones from the Dear my Jelly lips lipsticks had a swirl, right on top. 

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