Etude House Summer 2013 nail polishes

After the previously released, not so bright colored S/S 2013 nail polishes (or at least I thought they were, because it used to say so in the description, I think?), Etude House makes up for it with these beautiful Summer nail polishes in bright neon colors, with lots of glitters, and with a sand texture.

Etude House 2013 Summer Hot Colors nail polishes

Just like with the O.P.I. Nail Lacquer - If you moust, you moust that I have, bright colors are in general a bit difficult for people to accept in normal day to day life. This turns into a whole different story, when you are on lying on the beach or sipping a tropical cocktail. That's why I think that these Etude House Summer Hot Colors nail polishes would be perfect in a tropical island setting. It is even better, if you could match it with the color of your bikini or bathing suit. From the 8 colors, I like the PK002 - Fantastic Girl nail polish the most. It is a very vibrant, grapefruit pink. 

PP501 - Violet Sherbert | PP502 - Purple Romance | PK001 - Disco Pink | PK002 - Fantastic Girl 
RD301 - Sunny Red | OR201 - Orange Punch | OR202 - Peach Shower | BE101 - Lemon Grass

Etude House 2013 Summer Glitters nail polishes

For this Summer, Etude House has launched 4 new glitter nail polishes with its own distinct charm. I totally love glitter nail polishes, so I am happy to be able to add 4 more nail polishes to my wishlist. ^_^
These glitter nail polishes look very similar to the glitter nail polishes in the A'pieu Flower Garden Nail Limited Sets, which is a bit harder for me to get. I am also the most interested in the glitter nail polishes only. So, I am lucky that Etude House decided to make similar ones. The Etude House nail polish PPK007 - Dot Dance that I already have, is also a pastel glitter nail polish, but instead of metallic glitters, these seem to have matte glitters. I also discovered some cute star and heart glitters in the nail polishes OR203 and WH901.

I have to say, my favorite is the WH901 - Cotton Candy Kiss nail polish. I really love the pastel colored glitters and not to mention, the reference to the Korean drama series "That Winter, the Wind Blows". Who didn't melt watching Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo share the same cotton candy? ^_^

OR203 - Coral party | PK003 - Dragon Fruit Cocktail | WH901 - Cotton Candy Kiss | WH902 - Play with Wave

Etude House 2013 Summer Sand nail polishes

I am the most curious about these nail polishes. From the pictures, they look very similar to the stage shades from the O.P.I. Liquid Sand Mariah Carey nail polishes, but they are a lot cheaper. The Etude House Summer Sand nail polishes just cost 3,000 won each! It is the same price as the other nail polishes in this post.

I wish they could also make similar nail polishes as the Zoya PixieDust nail polishes, because they have very pretty, lighter colors. These darker colors are not that appealing to me, but the texture is something I have been wanting to try.  
BL601 - Sapphire Blue Sand | PP503 - Garnet Purple Sand | RD302 - Ruby Red Sand | BK801 - Evening Black Sand

Side note:
I have noticed that Etude House has changed their nail polish brushes again. Instead of the wide brush that was introduced with the launch of the "Dear my" range of nail polishes, back in Summer 2012, the brush is narrow now.  Although some people find a wide, one stroke, brush better, I apply nail polish better with a more narrow brush. So I am very pleased with this new change. 

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