Gmarket contest: win a ticket to Korea

Today, I happen to be checking Gmarket again and I saw that they are currently having a contest and you can win a round trip ticket to Korea. All you need to do is spend more than 50,000 won at select beauty shops between 5/28 - 6/3 and leave your dream itinerary of what you plan to do if you get a chance to visit Korea in the comment box. How hard can that be? :P

I have always been wanting to visit Korea, but either I had spend too much money on shopping (totally broke ^_^) or Hong Kong and Japan were chosen as travel destinations instead (It is hard to say no, when people want you to join them to go to these places for vacation >_<).  I really hope that I can win this contest, but there can only be 3 winners. So, you really need to have a lot of luck. 

This contest is a beauty customer appreciation event. I am happy to see that they are finally giving appreciation to the heavy Korean beauty products buyers, such as me. I can't even count how much I have already spent there. ^_^ 

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