Peripera I'm Hot Body Balm

As the temperatures are rising, you are bound to be showing more skin. A lot of people just do not have the right flawless skin tone all over their body yet, especially not after a cold winter (and a disappointingly cold spring too, for us in the Netherlands). A good scrub and some sun bathing can help against dull looking skin. But of course, this takes some time.

Peripera has developed a new product to overcome this awkward period and it is the I'm Hot Body Balm. There are many body balms like this from other brands, but this one from Peripera has SPF46 and PA+++  and an adorable tin to boot. I thought that the tin from the Peripera peri's Smoothie Pencil liner set was already really cute, but I would love to add this tin to my collection too. After collaborating with Mari Kim, Peripera has decided to work with the illustrator Park Jung Soo for this new product. I really like that many beauty brands are working together with illustrators, beauty and art are like the perfect match. It is also for this reason that I really like the products Eva Armisén made for Skin Food

The Peripera I'm Hot Body Balm has two kinds: #1 Bagel Pink and #2 Glamour Gold. The first one comes in a lilac tin with a cute pink princess print on top and it gives off a beautiful, subdued pink glow. For the bronzed goddess look, you need to get the #2 Glamour Gold, which comes in a green, square tin with a cool rocker princess print.

You can use this Peripera body balm to make your collar bone, shoulders, arms, and legs look more enhanced, toned, and healthy. 

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