Peripera Sweet Meringue Collection nail polishes

After thinking that Peripera was not going to introduce any nail polishes for this Spring/Summer season anymore, Peripera surprised me with these cute pastel nail polishes of the Sweet Meringue Collection. After the macaron, it is now the meringue 's turn to take the spotlight. I really like how they tried to recreate the soft and fluffy texture of the meringue by adding large, white hexagon glitters and small square glitters to the pastel colored nail polishes. The nail polish seem to be a bit sheer, covering the white glitters with a thin layer of color. This makes them blend in with the nail polish color. I haven't bought any pastel nail polishes for this year yet, so these are going straight on my wishlist. ^_^     

BL609 - Soda Meringue | YE906 - Lemon Meringue | RD705 - Strawberry Meringue | GR314 - Mint Meringue

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