Review: Modi nail polish 31 - Milky Wink

The last nail polish that I reviewed, was the Modi Glam Nails 80 - Secret Night, and I cannot believe it is already almost a month ago, since I reviewed one. If you have been following my orders from Gmarkets, you would know that I still have a lot of Modi nail polishes that you have not seen reviewed on this blog yet. It's about time that I caught up on that. ^_^

The one that I am going to show you today is the Modi Glam Nails 31 - Milky Wink that I got from my 9th Gmarket order. The name of this nail polish is so cute and it really matches with my blog name "At first wink". There is no need to wink. You are definitely going to catch the attention of the guy, you have a crush on, with this nail polish on your nails. How can you not with nails looking like candy? ^_^

Modi nail polish 31 - Milky Wink

Although this nail polish looks quite nice on its own, it is a lot better with a white nail polish base, if you want to re-create the appearance of a white jawbreaker candy. That was a bit tricky, as I realized I don't own any white nail polishes. Luckily, I remembered that I have gotten a dotting nail polish set from Beauty World with a small, white nail polish bottle in it. The nail polish C from the Beauty World dot artist (DNC682) set was also used for one of the nail looks that I did for Queensday. (I can't believe I already forgot about that. :)) Even though the nail polish had a normal brush, it really felt like it should only be used on one nail or for making dots only. The formula was a bit hard to work with and it was quite sheer, so I used about two to three coats. I should really invest in a proper white nail polish. ^_^

Beauty world white nail polish

white nail polish

After it dried, I applied the Modi nail polish 31 - Milky Wink on top. It is a very pretty glitter nail polish with a sheer, milky white base and besides the metallic glitters in yellow, red, purple, green, blue, orange, and white, there are also some, almost unnoticeable, iridescent glitters. There is one on the nail of the index finger and of the pinky, but you can see it the best in the nail polish bottle.

Modi nail polish 31 - Milky Wink

Modi nail polish 31 - Milky WinkModi nail polish 31 - Milky Wink

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