Run down of the Dior Beauty workshop

The Dior Beauty workshop was for three hours and every minute of it was packed with fun. First, we were personally welcomed by the lovely beauty editors from Glamour and the very friendly representatives from Dior. After a cup of coffee or tea and nibbling on some macarons, we were then lead to the makeup room of Dior. There were Dior cosmetics and perfume displays all around the room, how I wished this was actually my bedroom. ^_^    

We were seated at a long black table with our own set of professional brushes and a large, white standing Dior mirror. Before we were allowed to apply the makeup (my hands were itching to try the Dior products, which were right in front of me), there was a short introduction about the rich history of Dior and the new Dior Addict gloss and nail polishes, of which the famous Dutch model, Daphne Groeneveld, is the spokes model for. This was all accompanied by videos projected on the screen.   

This was in front of me, within hands reach, the whole time. Can you imagine how happy I was, when we finally got to the makeup lessons?

We started with removing our makeup with the Dior Instant Cleansing water (very refreshing!) and in my case, I just removed the dirt and pollution that could have gotten on my face from being outside, as I just came without makeup. Too much hassle to apply it for that short time period (I know, I am lazy). It is funny how someone mentioned that we looked like entirely different people from when we came in and when we left after having full makeup done. It must be referring to me the most. ^_^
Even though I had no makeup on my face, the cotton pad was a bit grey afterwards. I am quite impressed by the cleansing abilities of the Dior Instant Cleansing water. After that, we applied the Dior Hydra life Pro-youth Sorbet cream and also from the same line, the Dior Sorbet eye cream.   

After having our faces cleansed and all moisturized, we could start with the base makeup. I could finally take out one of the brushes from the pretty leather case and it was the large foundation brush. The professional brushes that we were allowed to use were amazing. I really need to get some better brushes myself. ^_^

The makeup artist personally recommended the right color of foundation and he gave me some of the Diorskin Nude no. 22 to use. He gave us the advice to mix the fluid foundation with two drops of the Dior Hydra life Skin Energizer Energizing moisturizer. I was surprised to see that the gel was orange, I expected it to be milky green like the creams from the Hydra life range.

Two drops of the Dior Dior Hydra life Skin Energizer Energizing moisturizer.
It really did make the application of the fluid foundation smoother and it felt nice on my face. The color of the foundation is also a right match to my skin tone. It made my skin look slightly fairer and it covered the redness really well.

Then we moved on to the color makeup. Dior has created four Daphne Groeneveld makeup looks (Diablotine, Princess, Spring Ball, and Delice) and to determine which look is the right one for you, you needed to take the following test.

Translated from Dutch to English:

What kind of eye makeup do you love to wear?
- Fifties eyeliner                                       Diablotine
- Something with intense color                  Princess 
- Natural                                                 Spring Ball
- Smokey eye                                          Delice

What color do you wear on your lips?
- Red                                                      Diablotine
- Fuchsia                                                 Princess
- Nude                                                    Spring Ball
- Coral                                                    Delice

Your favorite past time is:
- Attending a movie premiere                    Diablotine
- Attending fashion week                          Princess
- Shopping                                               Spring Ball
- Lounging                                                Delice

When you are wearing your favorite clothing piece, you feel:
- Elegant                                                   Diablotine
- Extravagant                                             Princess
- Happy                                                    Spring Ball
- Relaxed                                                  Delice

The right look for you is the one you got the most behind the answers you choose. I got Spring Ball the most, but stubbornly wanted to apply Delice on my lips. It is the lip gloss color that I have been wanting to try, a very pretty coral. Basically, you can already guess what the looks are, as the lip color and the eye look are part of the answers.

Pictures from Dior and edited by me.
They have given us a really beautiful makeup drawing sheet to apply the makeup on it, in order for you to remember the look, but I couldn't let myself use it. I am planning to photocopy it many times, so that I can create and collect makeup looks and then neatly bundle them in a binder.  

I felt courageous and challenged the green eye makeup and orange lip look that Sulli had in the Etude House Color Pop ads. I sat next to a very nice woman, a housewife with two teenage children.

This is the picture I quickly took of myself afterwards. It was quite embarrassing to keep taking pictures of myself. ^_^

Because the steps and pictures for the makeup look are too many to put into this post, I will write about it another time. Click to see how the Dior Summer 2013 makeup look was done on me.

We ended the workshop with a little scent test, picking our favorite from four Dior fragrances. They sprayed them on the four white paper strips and handed the iron stands to us. It looks a bit like a hand, you can see them on the table in the picture underneath. I picked number 2 and they sprayed the fragrance on me to complete the whole Dior look.

This was the unmanned bus that I took to the Dior headquarters. It was quite funny to sit in a bus all by myself and it could move and stop on its own.

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