Deary Rose & Co Q10 Repaired Lip Balm review

While writing about the Skinfood Rose Essence line and wanting to get the lip balms, I remembered I had bought a Deary Rose & Co Q10 Repaired Lip Balm in Hong Kong last year. It was at a local Watson's store, where I found two kinds of Deary lip balms (Rose and Immortelle flower) that looked really nice. I have never heard of this Taiwanese beauty brand before, but the packaging looked so cute that I had to buy one. My chapped, dry lips also needed some nourishment at the time. I couldn't decide between the two for a long time, but ended up buying the one with rose scent, since it is their bestseller product (I always fall for these kind of labels). 

Deary Rose & Co Q10 Repaired Lip Balm review

The Deary Rose & Co Q10 Repaired Lip Balm contains certified organic rose hip oil, Q10, olive oil, mint, and vitamin E. Due to these ingredients, this lip balm is highly nourishing and moisturizing and it has a healing effect on dry and cracked lips. It comes in a pink plastic tube with a bronze gold colored cap. I really like how the tube has a "velvety" finish. On the back of the tube, you can find the ingredients in English. I am quite surprised that the expiration date is in 2015. I am already halfway through, so I don't think it will last until that long. ^_^

Deary Rose & Co Q10 Repaired Lip Balm review

After taking off the cap, you can see that it has an angled applicator. The lip balm is a pink transparent gel, which can be squeezed out really easily. The scent is mainly minty with a hint of rose. It is very suitable for people that don't like heavy floral scents in their beauty products.  

Deary Rose & Co Q10 Repaired Lip Balm applicator

Applied on the lips, you can totally feel the mint burning for a few minutes long. Although I don't really like this feeling (just never liked those burning lip plumping products), it brings out the natural red from your lips. You can see this very clearly in the picture, as the small chapped parts of my lips turn redder. My lips stay rosy for the rest of the day. It could also be due to all the nourishment that my lips look so healthy, but it does seem somehow related to the mint. The lip balm also gives my lips a glossy appearance without being sticky. I really like this lip balm, so the next time I am in Hong Kong or Taiwan, I am sure to stock up on these. ^_^
Deary Rose & Co Q10 Repaired Lip Balm on lips

Other Deary lip balms

There are also other versions of this lip balm with Immortelle flower from Corsica and Pomegranate.

The Deary Miel D'acacia - honey range of lip balms looks very cute with the bumblebee's. ^_^
From left to right: Juicy lip balm, Repaired lip balm, Moisturizing lip balm, and Tint lip balm.

On Deary's website, I also spotted these really cute lollipop jelly tint lip balms. They have a really cool color changing effect. The Cherry lip balm (purple one) turns into a cherry red on the lips. The Strawberry lip balm (pink one) turns into a surprisingly orange color. The Granny Smith lip balm (green one with green apple scent) turns into a pale pink. I really like the paper angel wing attached to the lollipop packaging.

The last three pictures were edited by me and promotional pictures from Deary's website were used. The other pictures were taken by me.

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