It's skin Limited edition Rose Blossom collection

After my post about the Skinfood Rose Essence line and my review of the rose scented Deary lip balm, the rose theme is continued with the new It's skin Limited edition Rose Blossom collection. Similar to the Skinfood Rose Essence line, there is a really pretty blusher with a rose embossing in it. The It's skin Rose Blossom Multi Blusher has the 4 different colors (white, light pink, coral, and fuchsia) arranged like phases of the moon. It has quite a simple plastic packaging and I actually like the paper outer packaging more. ^_^

There are no rose scented lip balms in this collection, but it does have these two Rose Blossom Tint Lip Sticks. The lipstick tube is decorated with gold roses and orange, pink and fuchsia ribbons, which you have also seen on the paper packaging of the before mentioned Rose Blossom Multi Blusher. The colors of these tinted lip sticks remind me of the Etude House Dear my blooming lips - Pink Talk lipsticks.

To match with the lipsticks, there are two Rose Blossom Nail lacquers in the same colors. 

Finally, the product that explains why there is an orange ribbon on the packaging. There are two Rose Blossom Stick Eyeshadows and one of them has a true orange color (not coral like in the Multi Blusher). The surprising factor of these eyeshadow sticks is that they have two colors in one stick. One half of the stick is light pink or orange and the other half is a champagne gold eyeshadow. It is divided exactly in the middle, so it doesn't mean that there is a different color at each end of the stick.

These are the eye looks created with the two colors combined. I think that these eyeshadow sticks are excellent to easily create day and night looks with. You can wear the orange and pink shades alone during day and when it is time to have dinner or a drink in the evening, you can just accentuate the eyes more by adding the darker champagne gold color on top of your existing eye makeup. The advantage is that you just need to bring one small stick with you, no need for brushes or separate eye shadow mono's or large palettes.

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