Lacvert Real Food Recipe Pomegranate Brightening mask review

If you still remember, I bought a set of Lacvert Real Food Recipe sheet masks in my 12th Gmarket order. In that set, there are two sheet masks of every kind in that range (Pomegranate, Honey, Tomato, Olive, and Avocado). I will start with the review of the Lacvert Pomegranate Brightening masks, which contain 500 ppm of Pomegranate extract.

Lacvert Real Food Recipe Pomegranate Brightening mask review

Opening the sheet mask packaging was a breeze, as the hole at the side is quite large. I always have trouble opening packaging with the small, snip by a scissor like cuts, so this is a great start. While I expected a sweet pomegranate smell coming out from it, sadly the fruitiness is very faint. You mainly smell the general sheet mask scent. When I took out the sheet mask from the packaging, I noticed that the essence is a lot stickier/slimier than I am used to. Although it feels very slimy to the touch, on the face, it actually feels quite comfortable. The mask, which is made of 100% cotton, is very thin and clings very tightly to the face. You don't have to worry that it will fall off.    

The shape of this sheet mask is one of the best fitting for my face that I have ever encountered. The eye and nose parts are spot on and the sides of my face are perfectly wrapped. The mouth is just slightly too big, not really an issue to me. I am quite surprised since there are just two cuts in the sheet mask, located at the chin part. That doesn't give you much room to adjust, but I really didn't need to adjust it at all. ^_^

Lacvert Real Food Recipe Pomegranate Brightening mask review

The mask's main function is to give you clear and bright skin, making your skin look healthy. 

My opinion on the sheet mask:

The sheet mask only claims to have a brightening effect and in that area, it performs very well. My face did get a tone lighter, although just temporary (few days at most). The day after applying the mask, my nose looked a bit shiny. So it doesn't help much in oil control. My face did feel moisturized, as there is no dryness to be seen on my face, but it doesn't make it much softer than normal.

I have used two of these Pomegranate sheet masks (2 in a row, with 3 days in between), so I can't really say much about the long-term effects.

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