LOOkX exclusive eyeliner 18 - pencil pearle purple review

As I mentioned in my Mizon Parisien Eye Stage Collection post, I have many colorful eyeliners to show you and today, it will be the LOOkX exclusive eyeliner no. 18 - pencil pearle purple.

LOOkX exclusive eyeliner 18 - pencil pearle purple review
LOOkX exclusive eyeliner 18 - pencil pearle purple*

LOOkX is a makeup and skincare brand from the Netherlands that delivers such good quality products that it also supplies to beauty salons. This is the first time, I have used something from this brand and I have to say that I am very satisfied with the product. It is an automatic eyeliner, so you can just take of the cap, twist the front part of the pencil, and directly use it. Right under the twistable tip of the eyeliner pencil is a soft rubber part that makes it more comfortable to hold. I don't know if this is because I am new to makeup, but I accidentally found out that the purple end of the eyeliner can be taken off and be used as a sharpener.

LOOkX exclusive eyeliner 18 - pencil pearle purple end

LOOkX exclusive eyeliner 18 - pencil pearle purple sharpener

Why a sharpener, you ask (since I just wrote above that it is automatic)?

After a while, the tip of the eyeliner (although the pencil "lead" is already very thin) can become a bit blunt and this mini sharpener can make it super sharp again. I know I must sound weird, but this is really a new discovery to me. ^_^

Let's now look how it is on my eyes. 

The color is a matte, vivid purple with a very subtle, "pearly" (as the name suggests) shimmer. You cannot really consider this a metallic eyeliner as the shimmer is not that extreme. In the shade, it just looks matte purple and the shimmer is not a result of glitters that is added, but it is actually part of the eyeliner. It is almost as if they have mixed ground up pearls with color pigment. You can still smudge it a bit right after application, but the eyeliner becomes totally smudge proof after it sets. The good part is that it can also be removed easily with some makeup remover. It got off faster than my other eyeliners.

Different from other purple eyeliners that I own is that you can actually see that it is bright purple and not black with a hint of purple. I really like this purple color and as this eyeliner is part of LOOkX Spring/Summer 2013 collection, it is also perfect to use during the summer. I can already imagine it would look great for on the beach and it is waterproof too. ^_^

LOOkX exclusive eyeliner 18 - pencil pearle purple on eye, swatches

If you think that having thick purple eyeliner on your eyes is a bit too much, you can also try this look from LOOkX. The model is wearing a peachy lipstick, together with a bronze/beige/brown eyeshadow. As everything is relatively kept neutral, the purple eyeliner becomes the eye catcher of the look.

Picture from LOOkX.

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