Peripera Miss Peri Kit

Peripera has just released a new limited edition Miss Peri Kit. It comes in a cute paper box with a pink ribbon handle. It also has my favorite black cat girl illustration by Mari Kim very prominently on the box. This is also the character that you can find on the Peripera lip tints. You can see the look that is created with this Miss Peri Kit on Hwang Jung Eum, the model for Peripera, in the promotional pictures. I really like the pink polka-dot hair band that she is wearing. ^_^

These are the contents of the Peripera Miss Peri Kit. It contains 3 miniature sized lip tints, 2 mini pencil eyeliners, and a sharpener. 

The Peripera lip tints in this kit are no. 1 Cherry juice, no. 2 Pink juice, and one of the newest colors, the no. 4 Mandarin juice, which I have previously introduced in this "Peripera lip crayons and lip markers" post. Cherry juice is a red color, Pink juice is a pink color with a purple hue, and Mandarin juice is a very cute orange color. I have actually never noticed that the Pink juice lip tint looked like purple water. It is the first time I saw a lip tint in this color.

From the Peripera Smoothie waterproof pencil liners (I have reviewed some of them before over here), you get to try two of their popular and neutral colors: the Golden brown and Shimmer beige. These colors should suit many people's taste, as these give you a very pretty natural look. These two colors could also be found in both of the Peripera peri's Smoothie Pencil liner sets.

peri's Smoothie Pencil liner sets

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