Skinfood Rose Essence line

Skinfood 's second Eva Armisén collection hasn't been released too long ago, but Skinfood has now a new collection that I want to have products from and that is the Skinfood Rose Essence line. The highlights of this collection are the really pretty Rose Essence Blushers and the Rose Essence Multi Finish pacts.

Skin Food's second Eva Armisén collection

Skinfood Rose Essence Blushers

There are five colors for you to choose from and the colors vary from orange, coral to pink. The rose embossing on the blushers look very pretty. The rose gold tin that comes with a white puff looks really nice.

Skinfood Rose Essence Multi Finish pacts

I really like collecting pretty cosmetics, so these pacts are definitely going straight on my wishlist. There are three color combinations: 1. Tea rose, 2. Holy rose, and 3. Rose forêt. They all have a white background that can be used as a highlighter and there are three different colors of roses. The good thing about these pacts is that they are multipurpose. You can use them as a blusher, a highlighter, and even as eyeshadow.  

These are the swatches that Skinfood has provided on their website. The colors from the first two pacts look very pigmented and I can see that some of the colors can really be used as eyeshadow.

These Skinfood Rose Essence Multi Finish pacts have a separate white cover that goes over the colors and the brush that comes with it, goes on top.

 Skinfood Rose Essence Lip Balm

I still have plenty of lip balms, so I really shouldn't be getting more, but these two Rose Essence lip balms look very moisturizing. The white one doesn't have any color, but the red one leaves a hint of red on the lips.

 Skinfood Rose Essence Volume Lip Gloss

 Skinfood has also released 10 different colors of Rose Essence Volume Lip Glosses. I especially like the raspberry pink one, but the colors do not seem very special. Maybe it is the rose essence that makes the difference here.

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