banila co. the Kissest Lip crayons

Banila co. has just released three new colors of the Kissest lip crayons and upgraded the formula by adding the longlastingness of a lip tint and a plumping effect. The name of the three colors are: 10 Acid Peach, 11 Acid Orange, and 12 Acid Pink. The order is from top to bottom in the picture underneath. The packaging is beige/light pink with words in neon colors and with the color of the crayon at the end. As I have learned from the Etude House Nail & Body Painting sets, beige can make the neon colors pop, but yet still appear a bit toned down. I guess, this should work with fashion too. ^_^

I have become an instant fan of lip crayons, ever since I got the Clinique Chubby Stick and the Peripera peri's tint lip crayons. I can't believe it took me that long to notice that Banila co. had these too. Banila co. introduced four Neon Tinted Lip Crayons for their 2012 Summer Fantasy Collection: 01 Margarita, 02 Pink Punch, 03 Oriental Rose, and 04 Sunset. Late last year, Banila co. released these other colors and named them the Kissest lip crayons: 05 Reds, 06 Shy Peach, 07 Coco Peach, 08 Pink Lady, and 09 Sands. With a price of 12,000 won each, it is a bit too expensive for me to collect all colors. ^_^

I have also found two other Banila co. lip products that I have missed.

Banila co. Hip girl wonder tints: 01 Rising hot, 02 Sunshine, and 03 Real Peach. From appearance, they look very similar to the Innisfree vivid tint rouge. They both have a white exterior and a window showing the color that is inside.

Banila co. Triple Wonder Care Lip Tint: 01 Kiss of Fire, 02 Parisian, and 03 Orange. The three layers remind me of the YSL La Laque Couture Tie and Dye nail lacquers and as a layered lip gloss, it looks very similar to the L'Oréal Glam Shine lip glosses, but the color pay-off of the Banila co. ones looks better and as it is a care lip tint, it must be a lot more nourishing.

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