Dune Moulin Rose Bud Fold Up Ballerina review

I am not just very fond of coral/orange lip products, but I also found the perfect pair of ballerina's in this color from Dune London, called the Moulin Rose Bud Fold Up Ballerina. These shoes look very good, together with my metallic bronze bag from Mango and a floral dress. I really like the textured, rose buds that can be found all over the shoes and the cute bows with metallic ends. The elastic band wraps snugly around your foot and it doesn't feel uncomfortable. The shoes are made of soft, breathable fabric and the rose buds are tightly sewn. Unlike what I expected, the roses do not prick at all and they keep their shape very well (as in: when you run though them with your fingers, they go back to their original state).

Dune Moulin Rose Bud Fold Up Ballerina review

As these are foldable shoes, they come with a matching little bag to store them in. It makes it easier to take them along in your hand bag and it looks a lot prettier than the crumpled, plastic bag that I normally carry backup shoes in. I did keep the transparent plastic bag that the shoes were originally in when I bought them, as I don't want the inside of that pretty bag to get dirty. ^_^

Dune Moulin Rose Bud Fold Up Ballerina bag

This is how the shoes look like when you take them out of the pouch; they fold up very flat.

Dune Moulin Rose Bud Fold Up Ballerina folded

When you open up the shoes, they don't sit flatly on the floor due to the elastic band and the fold in the middle of the sole. But when you put them on your foot, you don't feel that there is something strange about them and it is like you are walking on normal shoes. To be exact, they kind of make me feel like I am wearing comfortable indoor slippers. The shoes and the bag together don't weigh very much, so they don't add much weight to your already very heavy hand bag. These shoes are perfect to change into when your feet are starting to hurt from wearing high heels. I wish I had these with me, when I was wearing high heels and needed to stand during a two hour train ride. >_<

Dune Moulin Rose Bud Fold Up Ballerina opened

Even though they are really comfortable, I don't recommend you to wear them for very long hikes. The soft sides of the shoes and the soles don't seem to give much support to the feet. I think you should only wear them for a couple of hours. Since I like them so much, I am already looking at the different versions of these shoes. The glittery sequin ballerina's look very pretty, but what I am eyeing on, are these Dune Magnoliated Rose Bud Ballerina shoes. <3   

This picture was taken from www.dune.co.uk

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