eSpoir Styling line

Following the eSpoir Sultry Bronze Kiss collection, eSpoir has just released the eSpoir Styling products. For now, I have only found the Styling Tint Marker & Lip Balm Duo and the Styling Shadow & Pencil Duo. Together with the Nature Republic Botanical Cushion Gradation Tint, these are two other dual ended products that I would like to try.

The eSpoir Styling Tint Marker & Lip Balm Duo has a felt tip on one end and a lip balm stick on the other end. I previously didn't buy any of the Peripera lip markers (even though, the colors looks nice), because of my concerns about my dry lips that would get dryer or more emphasized. This eSpoir product looks very convenient, since it has a very moisturizing lip balm at the other end that should ease my concerns a bit. The lip balm end from the eSpoir Tint and Lip Balm Duo that I reviewed before felt really comfortable on the lips, so this product is already looking promising to me.

Pink Ink | Orange Deco | Plum Stroke | Red Dog | Burgundy Sketch

Based on these lip swatches provided by eSpoir, I like the color Pink Ink the most.  

The eSpoir Styling Shadow & Pencil Duo has 5 different color combinations. It looks quite interesting; one end has a sponge applicator to apply the liquid eyeshadow with and the other end has an eyeshadow color in stick form. It does seem a bit impractical for the eyeshadow stick to line the bottom lash line with, to be that big and not thin instead. I think you can even make thin lines better with the sponge applicator. 

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