Review: Fogan cosmetics nail polish no. 12 and no. 32

Fogan cosmetics is a Dutch cosmetics brand, which has a diverse range of cosmetics selling for just €0.99 each. Their nail polishes looked quite good for such a low price, so I choose no. 12 (a pink metallic, glitter nail polish) and no. 32 (a burgundy purple nail polish) to try out.

Fogan nail polishes no. 12 and no.32*

 The Fogan nail polishes have a large, cube shaped, glass bottle of 15 ml. There are some simple white print in the front, a sticker with the ingredients on the back, and a round sticker with the number of the nail polish on the bottom.

Fogan nail polish no. 12 is a light pink, metallic nail polish with fine silver shimmers. It has the kind of brush that I like the most, not too wide and not too narrow. This nail polish applied very nicely, nothing bad to say about the consistency. The pink color is not too cold or frosty, which make it look quite good with my warm skin tone. The shimmer is quite subtle and not too out there.

Fogan nail polish 32 is a glossy, burgundy purple nail polish. I didn't have this color in my nail polish collection yet and influenced by the latest F/W 2013 makeup collections, I just needed to get this one. The application didn't go as well as with the previous nail polish, as the consistency is a bit watery. It made it a bit hard to control where the color goes. As I progressed, I became more careful with the application and you can tell that it became more neat, when I got to the ring finger and the pinky. So with some more patience, you can still apply this nail polish properly.

To sum it up: 
The colors and the diversity of the Fogan nail polishes are quite good for the 99 cents that you pay for it. The consistency can differ from nail polish to nail polish, but nothing that can't be fixed without some more patience and practice. The metallic pink nail polish looks very good and when applied properly, the burgundy purple nail polish looks very vibrant and glossy. The only flaw is that it has a noticeable, nail polish scent. I am used to nail polishes that barely have any scent and this is something I cannot get over. 

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