Review: Peripera peri's Smoothie Pencil Liner set no.1 - Fantastic

I don't know if you have noticed it already, but I have officially created my first YouTube video. \(^_^)/ 
It took me a lot of time to make it and it may not look that professional, but I hope you will enjoy it.

Keep reading if you want to see some more pictures of the Peripera peri's Smoothie Pencil Liner set and to read the background story of making this video.

Peripera peri's Smoothie Pencil Liner set no. 1 - Fantastic

I bought this mini eyeliner set in my 14th Gmarket order and it is part of the first range of limited edition Peripera peri's Smoothie Pencil Liner sets. I was a bit disappointed by the color of the Night Plum eyeliner (very different from what was pictured in the promotional pictures) and that was actually the sole reason I bought it, so I didn't really want to review this eyeliner set. Then, I saw that Peripera released a second range of limited edition Peripera peri's Smoothie Pencil Liner sets and the first set is practically identical to the set that I own, except for the new purple eyeliner. I thought some people might be interested in seeing a review on these eyeliners before they decide to buy it, so here it is. ^_^

Making of the video

To make it a bit more interesting for me, I decided to take a new approach and created a video. I thought it wouldn't be that difficult to film a short video of a few minutes, but surely was I mistaken. First, I took me several takes to capture one proper short film due to my shaking hands, the camera wasn't focused in some parts (very blurry images), and the camera suddenly stopped filming several times without me noticing. >_< 

If that wasn't bad enough, I started to get those weird error triangles in the Windows Movie Maker, when I wanted to edit the video. First, one small part of the video would get those errors, but later it would spread out to the other parts, making me lose all my previous hard work . >_<  

In the end, I somehow managed to create a decent looking video, but I couldn't manage to put these pictures underneath in the video without creating another error, so I will be showing them here on my blog instead.

The Peripera peri's Smoothie pencil liner set comes in a paper box with the same art work by Mari Kim. 

When you open the paper box, you immediately see the complementary eyeliner sharpener.

The next thing to do, is to take off the transparent, plastic layer on the large mirror that is located in the inside of the lid. I love how the large, very useful mirror has rounded corners and how it is seamlessly part of the tin. Since I can see my whole face in the mirror, I can even use it to apply blush and lip products.

The 5 eyeliners (Sparkle Black, Golden Brown, Night Plum, Golden Peach, and Shimmer Beige) are resting on a purple, velvety case, which can be taken out and put back very easily. It is not glued to the tin.

Since I find it very hard to take the eyeliners out of the purple case, I have thrown it away and I am storing the eyeliners like this.

Waterproof test of the Peripera peri's Smoothie pencil liners

This is a picture of the waterproof test that I did. Somehow I took a picture of it and forgot to press the record button. >_< (It was a bit scary to use my camera with one hand and near water)

As you can see, the eyeliner swatches didn't run out under running water. But it did smudge, when I touched the swatches, while it was wet. It also did quite well in the smudge test that I have shown in the video. You need to let it set for a few minutes and after that, it doesn't budge.

Etude House Eraser Show Line Remover Stick

In the video, I have also shown you how to use the Etude House Eraser Show Line Remover Stick. It removes eye makeup much faster than is shown in the video. It took me many times to wipe it off, because I couldn't see myself very well in front of the camera. I normally only need to wipe it once and shimmers are generally a bit harder to remove.

Be sure to coat the eye makeup properly with the stick and to put a cotton pad on the eye very quickly. Once, I took some time before I put the cotton pad on my eye and the eye makeup started to "melt" and get in my eye. After swatching and taking the eye makeup off with the Line Remover Stick so many times (you can probably spot the shimmers all over my eye area in the video. ^_^), I noticed that afterwards, my eyes felt very irritated and sore, when you touch them. The Etude House Eraser Show Line Remover Stick is a great thing to have when you are feeling lazy, have some very stubborn, waterproof eye makeup on, and don't want to use any water, but I don't recommend to use it many times in a row.

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