Lacvert Avocado Shining Mask review

Today, I am finally reviewing the fifth and the last kind of sheet mask from the Lacvert Real Food Recipe sheet mask line, the Avocado Shining Mask. I bought this in my 12th Gmarket order and when I looked back, I saw that it took me over half a year to try them all out. I hope that the wait wasn't too long. I promise to be faster with reviewing from now on. ^_^ 

Lacvert Avocado Shining Mask review

The Lacvert Avocado Shining Mask has a light mint green-baby pink packaging. I think that this one and the packaging of the Tomato Firming Mask have the best color combinations. On the front, you can see two hands holding up a very fresh looking avocado. Just from looking at the packaging, it already made me think that it is very nourishing. 

My opinion on this Lacvert sheet mask:

I am not sure what avocado's are supposed to smell like, but similar to the Olive Moisturizing mask, it mainly has a refreshing lemon scent. After the first time I applied this sheet mask, I didn't feel that there was much improvement to my skin. But after the second time, I can feel that my skin is a little bit firmer and it really is "shining". I can't really explain it very well, but my face seems to glow. It looks similar to having oily skin, but then still a bit matte. Basically, the effect of a really good blotting tissue. ^_^

I still feel that there are some dry area's on my face and it isn't making my skin instantly, extremely soft, but I prefer using skincare products that work over a longer period than products that give you fast results that don't last. It is too bad that I only own two of these sheet masks, because I am really curious if it would give me better results on the long run.         

Now that I have tried all 5 kinds of the Lacvert Real Food Recipe sheet masks, I will give you a short recap.

My opinion on all 5 Lacvert Real Food Recipe sheet masks:  

Avocado Shining Mask

I have to emphasize that I only used two of each kind in one week and you might get better results after consistently using these sheets masks for a longer period.

The sheet masks that I was the most disappointed in, were the Tomato Firming Mask and the Olive Moisturizing Mask. The tomato scent should become a bit easier on the nose and the Olive Moisturizing Mask, which did have a nice scent, wasn't doing the main thing that it was for, moisturizing. The Pomegranate Brightening Mask did seem to lighten my skin tone by a bit, albeit temporary. The two sheet masks that I would like to try again for a longer period are the Honey Nutrition Mask and the Avocado Shining Mask, which was reviewed in this post.    

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