Lacvert Real Food Recipe Tomato Firming Mask review

It has been more than three months ago, since I wrote my last Lacvert Real Food Recipe sheet mask review. I actually planned to review all the Lacvert masks in a row, but as you might have noticed, it didn't happen. I really excel in procrastination. ^_^ I think I also promised to review a skincare product a few years ago, but I still haven't opened the packaging yet. I hope it is still okay and not expired yet. >_< 

But this time, I am certain that I can manage to review all the Lacvert Real Food Recipe sheet masks that I have left. I already used two kinds and the last kind is on my face, being tested as we speak. I think I can finish writing this blog post within the 20 minutes, which is required for it to stay on my face.

The Lacvert Real Food Recipe sheet mask that I will be reviewing now is the Tomato Firming Mask. 

Lacvert Real Food Recipe Tomato Firming Mask review

Again, the sheet mask packaging has a different color scheme: periwinkle and mint green (two of my favorite colors ^_^). On the front of the packaging, there are two tomatoes excitedly jumping on a trampoline. I don't know if it is me and my weird imagination, but I actually see a face in that picture. The two tomatoes are the eyes and the trampoline is the mouth. Do you see it too? ^_^

My opinion on this Lacvert sheet mask:

The Lacvert Real Food Recipe Tomato Firming mask contains 500 ppm of Tomato extract and I can tell by the very strong tomato scent it has. It isn't the normal tomato scent that we are used to, but to be specific, it smells a bit like the stem of a freshly plucked tomato. You can try rubbing the stem of a tomato, to find out what I mean. It isn't the most pleasant smell and to be honest, it was quite difficult for me to keep the sheet mask on my face. I am a bit sensitive about scents, but I endured it for the sake of reviewing it properly. Again, I used two sheet masks in the time period of a week. I can't say anything about the long term effects, but I did not feel that my face was any firmer or more moisturized than normal. Since the scent isn't really nice or relaxing too, I don't think I will repurchasing this. At the moment, the Lacvert Honey Nutrition mask is still my favorite, out of the five kinds. 

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