Lush Winter 2013 collection

The Lush Winter 2013 collection was released in the Netherlands on 4 October 2013. Yesterday, I went to the Lush store in Rotterdam to have a closer look at the limited edition winter products. The store was festively decorated and everywhere you looked were very prettily wrapped gift sets.

Lush Winter 2013 collection in store

The very friendly saleslady (dressed in a cute penguin costume to suit the Halloween theme ^_^) offered to give me a tour around the store. We started with the fresh cleansers, Bûche de Noël and the Let The Good Times Roll. It was quite interesting to see that the Bûche de Noël was rolled in a sheet of nori and that there were real caramel popcorn pieces in the Let The Good Times Roll cleanser.   

LUSH bûche de noël and let the good times roll

The Rudolph Fresh Face Mask also had a funny surprise, as it contains a soft, red jelly "Rudolph nose" that you can put on your own nose and pretend to be Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer. ^_^
LUSH Rudolf fresh face mask and melting snow man

I also quite liked the Melting Snowman, which is a luxury bath melt. The brown dots that look like chocolate are actually made of cocao butter and it smells like chocolate too. There was also a large selection of limited edition Winter bath ballistics: So White (the white bath bombs), Bombardino (the yellow balls with eyes and whip cream on top), Snowman (the white snowman with pink scarfs), Cinders (orange balls that create the sound of a crackling fireside and have the scent of fruit punch), and Shoot for the stars (blue balls with a yellow shooting star that have the same honey-toffee scent as the Lush Honey I Washed the Kids soap).

LUSH so white, bombardino, snowman, cinders, shoot for the stars.

If you look closely, you can also spot the Sandy Santa Scrub (white Santa head with a red hat), the Mr. Penguin Bubble bar (the blue penguins with a little piece of real carrot as their noses), Star Light Star Bright bath melt (silver star), Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (pink-white cone), and the Magic Wand Bubble Bar (the pink star on a stick with a bell charm). 

My favorite would be this Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar
LUSH snow fairy sparkle massage bar

It is a very soft, waxy body butter, which is pink on the outside and white in the center, and it contains many fine, silver shimmers. If you look closely, you may see a bit of the shimmers in the right picture. Just by holding it, it already melts due to your body warmth. You can apply a bit of it on your collar bone, arms and shoulders to get sparkly, moisturized skin and to start smelling like a Snow Fairy. ^_^

LUSH Christmas eve bubble bar and golden wonder

These two are the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar (yellow moon and blue sky) and the Golden Wonder Ballistic (gold gift box). When you shake the Golden Wonder Ballistic, you hear that there is something hidden inside the hollow bath bomb. The saleslady told me what surprise is hidden inside the Golden Wonder Ballistic. If you don't want to know, you can move down to the next picture.

It contains a large amount of golden glitters that dissolve on their own, over time.

LUSH ponche shower gel
 The Ponche shower gel smells like orange juice with a shot of tequila.

Lastly, we have the very cute looking soaps.

LUSH snow globe
Snow Globe (fresh citrus soap)

LUSH angels delight, mr. punch soap, orange jelly, and noriko soap
Angels Delight (fruity soap with colorful neon parts), Mr. Punch Soap (it looks like a big bowl of red fruit punch), Orange Jelly (orange soap with a thick coat of jiggling, orange jelly and real orange slices on top), and Noriko Soap (made of tofu with a shot of sake).

Of course, I didn't leave the store empty handed. I will share what I have bought in another post soon. 

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