Swan market Rotterdam, September 2013

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I have enjoyed a relaxed weekend with sunny weather. I took a small break again from blogging, since it started to become stressful and I don't want to lose the fun I have in writing. I am sure, I will feel refreshed again after taking a good rest (my dark circles are starting to become permanent >_<) and spending some time without having tight deadlines and things that I need to do.

Last weekend, the Swan market was held in Rotterdam again and this was the first time that I went. It has become quite a large fair with interesting market stalls, food, and music performances. I can really tell that they made an effort in providing variety and in the decoration, giving you a very authentic, farm like feeling.

Rustic bread
Very delicious looking, rustic bread

Cute plates
Cute hand-knit owls and small squirrel figurines stuck on a plate (perfect to serve nuts on). ^_^

hand-made accessories
 Left: Neon accessories. Right: cute felt Keroppi and giraffe key chains.

cake and chocolate
 Chocolates with half a strawberry in them and chocolate pie

dried vegetables and fruit
Dried vegetables and fruit

food stalls at the swan market
Freshly made potato fries and wood-oven pizza (made out in the open, outside)

stationary and masking tape
Cute stationary and masking tape

swan market
Large tent with various bands playing on the stage inside and lots of tables to sit at, after buying your food from one of the market stalls.

Although I feel that the amount of market stalls is still a bit limited and the prices are on average on the high side, you can feel that everyone has put effort and much care in making the products that they are selling. None of the products are mass products that you can find in the stores and all the food are really special. There was even a stall that was selling a meat sandwich carved from an enormous roasted pig! 

The next edition will be on October 27, 2013.

I didn't buy much, but you can see what I bought here.

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