CUTiE magazine with Jill Stuart pouch as freebie

It has been a while, since I last bought some Japanese magazines. You could have read in this post how excited I was by the freebies that comes with the magazines. Back then, it was the first time that I personally bought them in a bookstore in Japan. I never knew that it could be that much fun to receive a nice gift with your magazine. The last time I went, I didn't really like the magazine freebies that they had at the time, so I only came home with the Hong Kong versions of the Vivi and With magazine. You really need to be lucky that they happen to release something good, when you are having a vacation in Japan.  

Today, I was looking online at the new Japanese magazines that were just released and I discovered the beautiful Jill Stuart pouch that comes as a freebie with the January 2014 issue of the CUTiE magazine. The measurements of the cosmetics pouch is 11.5 x 17 x 6 cm and it has a very cute "J" initial pendant with a white ribbon at the zipper. And the amazing thing is that you only need to pay 670 yen for the magazine to get it. 

Besides this, I also want to get the Cath Kidston Happy 20th Birthday 2013 Autumn & Winter mook. To celebrate the brand's 20th anniversary, they released a catalog that comes with a large insulated bag that has a very pretty, flowery print. The measurements of the bag is 27 × 15 × 19 cm. and it is large enough to fit 12 cans of soda. The bag can keep food cold as well as hot, so it is very convenient. This mook is a lot pricier (1,500 yen), but the freebie looks like it has very good quality.

I wish I was in Japan right now. >_<

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