LUSH Valentine's Day 2014 collection

Although it is still more than a month away, LUSH will start selling their Valentine's Day products from 10 January. While the Etude House Chocolate Kiss collection focused on the chocolate part of Valentine's Day, the LUSH products are all about sweetness, pink, and hearts.
LUSH Valentine's Day 2014 collection

 LUSH Tender is the Night Massage Bar

Inspired by the F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, this was first introduced last year during Valentine's Day and will from now on, be part of the permanent collection. It no longer has a soft fondant centre and it is now a solid bar made of shea butter and murumuru butter. The floral scent is a blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and vanilla.  


LUSH Love Locket Ballistic

Just like the Secret Santa bath bomb from the LUSH Winter collection, this contains a secret item inside, which will be revealed by cracking it open. The outside shell of this bath bomb is filled with paper confetti hearts and the scent is a blend of vanilla, neroli, and jasmine.

Highlight this sentence to read what is inside: a smaller heart-shaped bath bomb filled with agar hearts.


LUSH Close to you Massage bar

This is inspired by the Jammie Dodger biscuit, which has a heart-shaped opening that lets you peek at the fruit jam filling. The LUSH Close to you Massage bar is scented by Fair Trade vanilla absolute and the pink buttery exterior is wrapped around the white fondant centre, looking almost like a delicious dessert. The scent is very similar to the Rock Star soap and Creamy Candy bubble bar.


LUSH Neon Love Soap 

This soap is inspired by the artwork "12 Months of Neon Love", which was made by Victoria Lucas and Richard William Wheater. For a whole year, you could see the lyrics of famous love songs brightly lit in huge neon letters. Bergamot and rosewood are the main notes of the scent and the fresh figs, passion fruit juice, and soya yoghurt that the soap contains, give you nourished and soft skin.


LUSH The Kiss Lip Gloss

This is a preservative free, tinted lip gloss/butter that gives you moisturized lips and a hint of color. It contains organic mandarin and almond essential oils and the guarana seed powder (a natural skin plumper) will made your lips look extra luscious.


LUSH Prince Charming Shower Gel 

It contains marshmallow root, Fair Trade vanilla, and fresh pomegranate juice, and the refreshing, sweet scent, which is made up of grapefruit, sandalwood, and geranium oils, is really something I might like. Is that how my "Prince Charming" is supposed to smell like? Now I know how to recognize him by. ^_^

My thoughts:

I am especially curious about the LUSH Neon Love Soap. I am a real fan of LUSH soaps and this one looks very cute with the white hearts in the center.

The LUSH Love locket bath bomb dissolved into bath water also creates such a romantic sight that I want to get into it now. ^_^

I have bought the Prince Charming shower gel and the Neon Love soap. You can see my review here.

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