Review: Alce Nero organic chocolate chip cookies

I have opened another bag of cookies from the big pile of souvenirs from Rome. This time, it is from the brand Alce Nero. This company not only makes cookies, but also a large variety of other organic products.

Alce Nero frollini al cacao con gocce di cioccolato

The Alce Nero frollini al cacao con gocce di cioccolato are organic cookies that are entirely made with olive oil. Even though I expected the cookies to taste a bit like olive oil, that wasn't the case at all. These chocolate chip chocolate cookies are the best I ever had. The cookies have a very rich cocoa flavor (it is almost like taking a bite of a cookie made entirely of pure cocoa powder) and the large chocolate chunks in the cookies really contribute to the flavor and they are not just there as decoration. It also is very low on sweetness, so I can eat more than one without getting sick of it.

Alce Nero organic chocolate chip chocolate cookies

 So, it goes without saying that the bag was empty in no time.

Empty bag of Alce Nero Chocolate chip chocolate cookies

On the back of the packaging, they have listed the other cookies that Alce Nero has. I am really curious about the Latte (cute donut shape!) and the Yogurt e Miele (how will a yogurt and honey cookie taste like?). But I won't say no, if I was offered the opportunity to try them all. ^_^

Other Alce Nero cookie varieties

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