Demak 'Up Expert range review

For a beauty blogger, you are pretty much required to have a stash of cotton pads, (mild) cleansing products, and nail polish remover around the house at all times. I think that we remove a lot more makeup on a daily basis than any normal women. I heard that many bloggers could even create a week worth of looks in one day (and I am unfortunately not one of them >_<). But with me changing nail colors that regularly, I cannot have enough cotton pads. That's why I was very happy to receive a large box of Demak 'Up cotton pads and it was from their new Expert range as well. They will be available in stores in the Netherlands from 1 June and I already received these a long time ago. I feel very honored that they think of me as an "Expert" and allowed me to test them beforehand.

Demak 'Up Expert round cotton pads* 

I first tried the Demak 'Up Expert cotton pads in the size that I am familiar with. One bag contains 70 cotton pads made of 100% cotton fibre, which is natural and biodegradable. On one side, they have a - what they call - honeycomb texture and on the other side, the texture looks very similar to tweed. I think that the honeycomb texture side can be used for more stubborn makeup, whereas the tweed texture can be more suitable for finer, to the pore cleansing. I have cleansed my face with it a few times and it does seem to take up more dirt than an ordinary, smooth surface cotton pad.

demake 'up Expert ronde wattenschijfjes

Demak'Up Expert oval-shaped cotton pads*

I am not too familiar with this kind of cotton pads as they seem more useful for people that use face makeup such as foundations. Since it is almost twice the size of an normal round cotton pad, you can probably cleanse your face with just one swipe. It has the same texture as the normal round cotton pads, so my thoughts about it is the same. Due to my frugal nature, I would probably cut them up in half and use the 50 cotton pads that one bag has as 100. ^_^

demak 'up Expert ovale wattenschijfjes

 Demak'Up Expert cleansing tissues for face and eyes*

Most cleansing tissues aren't really recommended to use on the eyes, so I was very curious if it really is suitable for that. I also don't really use cleansing tissues as they always dry up before I finish them, so I cannot really compare these with another brand.

First, I had some issues with opening the pack of tissues as the sticker is completely transparent and a visible arrow or something would be a great addition. But anyhow, I figured out that there is a small part of the sticker on the left bottom corner that you need to remove and by doing that, it creates a small rounded corner that helps you open it the next time. There are 23 cleansing tissues in one pack.

demak 'up Expert reinigingsdoekjes voor gezicht en ogen

When I took one cleansing tissue out, I was quite surprised as it was very sturdy (no fear of ripping it, while taking it out) and not dripping wet. It is almost like I am holding a damp cotton cloth. The size is so big that it can cover my entire face. The scent is also very soothing, not too overly strong. I can imagine it to be great to take along in the airplane. I feel very refreshed and relaxed after using it. Even though I have very sensitive skin and eyes, I only felt a bit tingling, but it isn't anything severe. 

Impromptu, I decided to add a small test to this review.

 Capable of removing waterproof makeup as claimed? 

I have drawn a butterfly on my arm using the Shimmer beige and Sparkle black eyeliners from the Peripera peri's smoothie pencil liner set no. 1. From experience, the shimmer beige is the easiest to remove and the sparkle black is a bit harder to remove. 

(the pictures aren't very clear as I have taken them at night)
drawn butterfly on arm with waterproof eyeliners

After waiting 5 minutes and letting it set, I tried to remove it with the Demak 'Up Expert cleansing tissue. It doesn't remove it in one swipe as they promised on the packaging, but after a few soft swipes, the makeup did get removed very well. The skin on my arm got a bit red, but there were no traces left of the eyeliner, except for one or two shimmers. Key is to press all the moisture to the corner of the tissue that you are using to remove the makeup.  

Demak 'Up Expert eyemakeup cleanser (cotton pads with lotion)* 

Just like the nail polish remover bottle, this is another invention to make a women's life easier and more convenient. This day cream like jar is filled with 30 cotton pads drenched in cleansing lotion. Although they are not soaked in any liquid, the cotton pads stay moist very well. They are meant for the removal of eye-makeup, but I think that these can also be used on other areas of the face for quick touch-ups on the go. I think that this isn't really a necessity for at home, but great on the go or during traveling as you no longer need to carry a heavy bottle of cleanser and a pack of cotton pads. Just one small jar is already enough for a vacation of about a month, if you only remove your makeup at the end of the day. It is also quick and easy, so after a long day of sightseeing, you can just take the jar out, swipe the makeup off, and go to bed. ^_^

demak 'up Expert wattenschijfjes met lotion
demak 'up Expert oogmakeup reiniger met folie op deksel
demak 'up Expert wattenschijfjes met lotion

My opinion

Although they have written on the packaging of the two kinds of cotton pads that they have made them softer than before, I haven't really noticed that. They don't feel softer to the touch or on the skin. But I did see that they have become sturdier and they don't lose their shape that easily. The texture on the cotton pad is also more important than I thought. It does help clean better than normal. As for the cleansing tissues and the cotton pads in a jar, they are convenient to have on the go and especially, for on vacation. They also stay moist and usable for a long time, so even if you need to take your time cleansing every individual part of your face, such as taking false lashes off, you can still use it afterwards. Also, both the cleansing tissues and the cotton pads in a jar contain 0% paraben.

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