Majolica Majorca Water Cologne Nails, Summer 2014

I have already heard of perfumed nail polishes from the Revlon scented nail enamels and the Peripera perfume nail polishes, of which I own the Peripera P041 - Sparkle Aqua. I think that it is quite a good idea, because it can mask the unpleasant scent that nail polishes can have.

Majolica Majorca is soon to introduce a range of perfumed nail polishes on May 21 too. While the two before mentioned nail polishes only become scented when dry, you can already smell the scent of the Majolica Majorca Water Cologne Nails nail polishes right when you open the bottle, while you apply the nail polish, and on your nails. What also makes them special is that they are water-based (free of toluene). There will be 9 different, limited edition, smokey pastel colors. The scent is described as "romantic", which I assume to be flowery and/or powdery. It also has a quick-dry formula.

I already have my eye on the RD408 (smokey coral color) and the PK207 (glittery, baby pink color).

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