Peripera x Disney Frozen makeup collection

After getting disappointed by the Etude House Cinderella Collaboration (I have waited and waited and no further additions >_<), Peripera did live up to the expectations of a Disney collaboration. The Peripera x Disney Frozen makeup collection has many products and the colors are very wearable, with still some hints to the movie Frozen. 

From what I can tell, the Peripera x Disney Frozen makeup collection consists of two different Peripera Tap Tap eyes palettes (one with purple tones and the other one with gold tones, 14,000 won), a Wholly Deep Liner Kit (20,000 won), a cushion pact (in two colors: 01 - Peach Light Beige and 02 - Vanilla Light Beige, 32,000 won), a powder foundation pact (in two colors and with snowman print, 16,000 won), Magic Glam Tints in dark pink (01 - Let it go) and orange (02 - I am happy, Kristoff) (8,000 won each), and glittery nail polishes (3,500 won). 

I really like the Peripera peri's Smoothie Pencil liner set that I have reviewed before, so if the 2 eyeliners that aren't shown in the picture, are different enough from the eyeliners that I already have, I see no objections to getting the Peripera Wholly Deep Liner Kit. I might also get one of the lip products and the pretty nail polishes.  

Items in this collection:

Peripera x Disney Frozen Wholly Deep Liner Kit

Peripera x Disney Frozen Magic Glam Tints

Peripera x Disney Frozen Tap Tap Eyes palettes

Peripera x Disney Frozen cushion pact

Peripera x Disney Frozen powder pact

Peripera x Disney Frozen nail polishes

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