Review: V&D La Place strawberry pie

For me, the best way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon is to have a cup of tea and a piece of pie to go along with it. At the V&D (a Dutch department store), they have a food corner and restaurant called La Place. I have eaten their strawberry pie in the past and I remembered that it tasted a bit bland. But looking at the delicious and glossy strawberries, I couldn't resist getting one after all. One strawberry pie cost €6 and sometimes, they have deals and you can get 2 for €10.

V&D La Place aardbeienvlaai
V&D La Place strawberry pie

After tasting a large piece of it, I noticed that they had changed the recipe and the preparation. It used to have the generic, like from the supermarket, pie crust, but now, it tastes a lot more handmade. The vanilla custard filling has a very rich and creamy vanilla taste and you can also very noticeably see the black vanilla dots in the filling. The strawberries were very sweet and the glossy coat on them doesn't taste bitter or like plastic at all. The only flaw is that the bottom crust is a bit too thick. It is about 1 cm thick and I think it would taste better if it was halved. What I do like is that the crust is soft and a bit cake like, because the typical hard crusts that the Dutch " Limburgse vlaaien " have, can sometimes be a bit hard to cut into smaller, bite size pieces with a fork.

piece of V&D La Place strawberry pie

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