New in: HEMA neon print notebooks

It hasn't been that long ago since I bought a neon pink notebook and washi tape from a HEMA store. But during my last visit to one of their stores, I discovered that they have new notebooks. The instant I saw the cute neon prints, I knew I had to take them home. It was also nice that they only cost €1.50 each. ^_^

HEMA neon print notebooks | notitieboekjes

These A5 notebooks with 160 lined pages come in 4 different prints and I bought the ones with neon yellow star print, neon coral pink polka dot print, and the turquoise geometric print (which matches with my HEMA frying pan). The one that I didn't buy is the one with fuchsia pink diagonal stripes. The outside covers are made of transparent plastic and in the front and back, there is space for you to store loose papers in, such as receipts and tickets. But I don't really recommend storing anything in the front cover, as you can see the clutter through the transparent print. The back cover would be more suitable for that purpose.

With similar prints, there are also notebooks in A5 and A6 size that are stored in a ziplock bag. I think that they would be great for the great ideas and stories that you think up during a trip to the beach or at the pool side. The ziplock bag will make sure that no sand or water gets on your precious notes. ^_^ 


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