Review: Agricola del Sole Semolotti (sesame shortbreads)

This will be the last box of cookies from my souvenirs from Rome: the Agricola del Sole Semolotti. It feels a bit sad knowing that from now on, when I am craving for Italian cookies, I can no longer indulge in it. I will have to go to Italy myself for it or I will need to find someone who is planning to go there on vacation to bring it back for me. But with the large amount of Italian cookies that I had eaten in this short time period, I think I can last for quite a long time, before I want to eat another one again. ^_^

Box of Agricola del Sole Semolotti

Looking at the box, I was actually quite intrigued by the appearance of the white cookies. I was thinking: How could they bake cookies and still make them remain looking as white as dough? ^_^

Agricola del Sole Semolotti

When I took the bag of cookies out of the box, I felt slightly disappointed as they just looked like normal cookies. But I do have to say that by the way they sealed the plastic bag, it makes me feel that the cookies were hand-made by a sweet Italian granny.

bag of Agricola del Sole Semolotti (sesame shortbreads)

The Agricola del Sole Semolotti are durum wheat semolina shortbreads. Just like the Gentilini Nuvole that I have tasted before, these cookies are shortbreads that have a very subtle taste. They actually recommend eating this with a bit of fruit jam. You do taste some small hints of sesame and almonds in it and I like the taste of this one - without anything added - more than the Gentilini Nuvole. However, I prefer crunchy cookies over crumbly ones. So sadly, this won't end up on my souvenir wish list from Italy.

Agricola del Sole Semolotti (sesame shortbreads)

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