Review: HEMA nail polishes 24 and 830 (radiant orchid colors)

Inspired by the orchids that are blooming at my house, I took out the two HEMA nail polishes that I received in my goodie bag from the HEMA S/S 2014 press day. This year, the Pantone color of the year happens to be Radiant orchid and these two colors match this theme very well. I was even thinking of creating a intricate orchid nail art, but then reality hits me, reminding me of my bad nail art skills. >_< So, I will be showing you the two nail polishes on my nails as usual.

HEMA radiant orchid color nail polishes

One of the reasons why I took me so long to review these two nail polishes, is because they are just terrible to take pictures of. For some reason, in all 4 times (under different light situations) the color in the pictures doesn't correspond with the actual color. The picture above is already one of my best attempts. ^_^

To make sure that you can still find out what color these two nail polishes have, I made this color chart.

real colors of the HEMA nail polishes 24 and 830
Please keep these colors in mind, when you look at the pictures. Or just look at the following pictures for the finish of the nail polish. 

It is the first time that I tried a HEMA nail polish of the line with the small nail polish bottles (7 ml). When I compared the brush with the one of the HEMA long lasting nail polishes that come in larger bottles (11 ml), it seems to be identical. I cannot see any difference between them in width or length. 

HEMA nail polish 24 brush

The HEMA nail polish 24* turns a bit darker than the color that you see in the bottle. The consistency is slightly thinner than the HEMA Long Lasting nail polishes and thus, you need to apply two coats to get the best coverage. It is also best to wait some time before you apply another coat, to prevent the bubbles that you can see on the nail of my index finger to form.

HEMA nail polish 24
HEMA nail polishes 24 swatches

The HEMA Long Lasting nail polish 830 - Lavender purple* has a light purple color that has a blue undertone, which made the nail polish look very blue in the pictures. It actually looks a bit like a slightly darker shade of the Pantone Violet Tulip. The second picture looks the closest to the actual color.

Due to the thicker consistency of this nail polish, you only need to apply one relatively thick coat for the nails to look like in the pictures that I took.

HEMA nail polish 830 - Lavender Purple
HEMA nail polish 830 - Lavender Purple

 My opinion

The HEMA nail polish 24 wouldn't be a color that I would have picked out myself, but the HEMA Long Lasting nail polish 830 has a very pretty purple color that looks similar to the Etude House nail polish DPP504 - Bye Violet that I really like. The HEMA nail polish has a really blue-purple color, whereas the one from Etude House has a grey undertone, making it look a bit mauve.

I personally prefer the HEMA Long Lasting nail polishes over the normal HEMA nail polishes that come in smaller bottles as the thicker coat looks prettier on the nails. Both stay very glossy looking and they are equally long lasting. 

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