The Face Shop milky moisture tints

It hasn't been that long ago, since I added the Skinfood Real Fruit Tint Juice on my wish list, but I already found some new lip tints that have taken my heart. The Face Shop milky moisture tints (7,900 won) come in 4 colors and they have an adorable, cartoon inspired packaging. It kind of reminds me of the drawing style of the Dutch artist Dick Bruna, who created the cute Miffy character (which is called "Nijntje" in the Netherlands). I have dry lips and I have had the best experience with milky lip tints rather than with the watery lip tints. My milky lip tints from nanas' B have to get replaced soon, so it is nice to have another option to choose from.

01 Strawberry Pink | 02 Apricot Coral | 03 Apple Red | 04 Grape Pink

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