My World Cup 2014 nail art using Essie tart deco

The World Cup soccer in Brazil ended last Sunday with the trophy going to Germany. Congratulations to our neighboring country! In this post, I promised to do a World Cup 2014 nail art, but due to being too busy, I was only able to post it now, when everything is already over. While I am at it, I am also reviewing the first Essie nail polish on my blog (the Essie 610 Island Hopping didn't count as I forgot to review it >_<).  

Essie nail polish tart deco review

Review on the Essie nail polish - tart deco

The Essie nail polish - tart deco has a really beautiful coral color. I choose this nail polish as orange is the national color of the Netherlands and it was the only orange looking nail polish that I had in my "to swatch" basket. It has a wide and relatively thin brush that has a rounded end, which reminds me of the one that Etude House nail polishes have (such as this one). I normally dislike using wide brushes, but I could apply the nail polish very well with this one. 

Essie nail polish tart deco brush

The nail polish formula is very good when it comes to spreading it out, but it is very streaky. You can see in the picture underneath how it looks like on the nails, after one coat.

Essie nail polish tart deco swatches (one coat)

While the pink tone was more visible with one coat, the orange tone becomes more apparent after two coats and longer drying time.

Essie nail polish tart deco swatches (2 coats)

In the picture, it may already look very opaque, but when you actually look more closely, you can still spot some grey shadows. After some time, the color of the nails also becomes more neon orange or pink depending on the lighting. In the bright sun, it is very light neon pink and in the shade, you see the orange tones more. It is a color that is very suitable for the summer. I am also very impressed by how long-lasting it is. It stayed looking nice for over a week.

Essie nail polish tart deco swatches (close-up)

Essie nail polish tart deco swatches (far)

My World Cup 2014 nail art

From the start, I wanted to create a nail art for the Dutch soccer team when they win the World Cup in the finals. Sadly, they didn't make it to the finals, but I still think that they deserve a tribute for their hard work. The team showed great teamwork and fought back like a lion, when they were behind during matches. The coach was also excellent in the tactical decisions and played the psychological game well. For instance, he was the first ever at any World Cup to change the goal keeper solely for the penalties. By calling Tim Krul the penalty killer, putting him on the field in the last minutes making it seem like he is the specialist of the team, and him actually being able to each time jump to the right corner and actually keeping someone from scoring, can make the opposing team feel intimidated.

I really enjoyed watching each game that the Dutch soccer team had played, so besides the bronze medal, to me they also deserve a crown. ^_^ I also want to thank the Brazilian audience that stayed behind when the game ended to cheer for the Netherlands at the medal ceremony.

Essie nail polish tart deco with crown beads

I was a bit lacking in creativity and time, so I took the easiest way by using the Etude House Sweet Nail Shine Stone - Princess Crown version, which are nail stickers, on the nail of the ring finger. I am feeling a bit sorry about this simple nail art that could also be mistaken as a Kingsday nail art, but I didn't want to miss this opportunity to write about the World Cup 2014 on my blog.

Essie nail polish tart deco with crown beads nail sticker

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