Recipe: roasted chicken with curly fries

I don´t know why, but the hot weather is making me crave for a roasted chicken accompanied by fries. So today, I will be sharing some drool worthy pictures and the way I made this meal. 

Roasted chicken and Lamb Weston Twister Fries seasoned

The curly fries

I can be quick about this, since I didn't make the curly fries from scratch. They are the Lamb Weston Twister Fries - seasoned that I found in my local supermarket. I have thought about making them myself, but I haven't been able to find the tool for making it and it takes so much time that it is better to buy them ready made instead. The fries tasted very good: crispy with a bit of seasoning. It wasn't too salty, so you can still decide to put more salt or other seasoning if you would like. I just ate it as is, because the slight spiciness from the pepper and the saltiness was just right for me to not feel the need to dip it in a sauce such as mayonnaise. The potato inside was also not the very dry kind that makes you extremely thirsty, so I really enjoyed the curly fries.   

Lamb Weston Twister Fries seasoned
Lemon Basil oven roasted chicken

Recipe of the lemon basil chicken


- oil
- sea salt
- a few leaves of basil, cut up
- juice of half a lemon

With the ingredients mentioned above, you create a marinade that you apply on the skin of the chicken. I cannot really give you the exact amounts, since it depends on the size of the chicken. I mostly season food according to my gut feeling. ^_^ Let it marinade for about 20 minutes.

Pre-heat the oven to 200 °C and place the chicken inside the oven from 20-30 minutes. I have tried cutting the chicken open from the front before cooking it, as it shortens the time that the chicken needs to be in the oven, but from my experience, it becomes less juicy than when you keep the chicken as a whole.

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