Review: Propercorn lightly sea salted

During the Amsterdam Fashion Week that I attended two weeks ago, they were freely distributing small bags of Propercorn. Just like with Pipers crisps, I was introduced to a brand that I haven't heard of before at an event. There are in total five flavors: Lightly Sea Salted, Sour Cream & Chive, Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato, Sweet & Salty, and Sweet Coconut & Vanilla. The one that I picked out was the Lightly Sea Salted. The popcorn is made in Britain and this bag of 20 g is only 88 calories, making it a light, guilt-free snack.  

Bag of Propercorn lightly sea salted

My opinion

I could really taste that these have been gently hand-popped, as they were all very large and puffy. It also didn't have any hard pieces in there, such as unpopped kernels of corn or hulls that gets stuck between the teeth. The sea salt was lightly sprinkled on top, making it possible for you to taste the pure popcorn flavor with just a hint of salt. The popcorn was light and soft, so I didn't really need to bite it very hard. The amount was just about right, since I really had a fulfilling feeling of enjoying some late afternoon snacks and it is also not that much that you don't have an appetite for dinner anymore.

The popcorn is gluten & wheat-free and also suitable for vegans.

Review: Propercorn lightly sea salted

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